The latest episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) saw cast member Meredith Marks open up about her nephew Alex’s battle with addiction.

RHOSLC fans know that Meredith has been through a lot in a very short span of time. The 50-year-old reality star previously spoke to Page Six about her ‘trying year’ during which she escaped to Provence, France.

“It was a trying year, there were some pretty dark times,” she told the outlet in April this year.

The television personality is back on Bravo’s RHOSLC now, and she is sharing some of what she went through with the show’s fans.


Meredith Marks opens up about nephew’s battle with addiction

In a snippet from RHOSLC’s latest episode, we see Meredith open up about her nephew, Alex.

“He was struggling in different ways,” the Bravo star says before adding: “He went to multiple facilities for mental health and drug addiction.”

The RHOSLC cast member revealed that her nephew wasn’t getting much better.

An emotional Meredith then shared in the confessional that last winter, her nephew “drank a bottle of bleach.”

It was heartbreaking for many fans to watch Meredith crying.

If you’ve been affected by this story you can contact American Addiction Centers on (877) 686-7688 or Talk To Frank on 0300 123 6600 in the UK.

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Fans thank Meredith for opening up about her nephew’s addiction

Many fans took to Twitter after November 16’s episode of RHOSLC and hailed Meredith for opening up about such a difficult topic.

Some even thanked her for sharing her story.

“The way @MeredithMarks0 is able to bring the story of her nephew’s struggles to the show without being disgustingly exploitative is true queen housewife behavior,” one fan wrote.

“You are amazing! Sharing your nephew’s story makes a difference,” a second fan wrote.

“Sending light, positivity and love to Meredith’s nephew Alex. Thank you @MeredithMarks0 for shining the light on #MentalHealth,” a third-touched fan said.

Meredith moved to France for months after a ‘trying year’

Speaking with Page Six earlier this year, Meredith reflected on the death of her beloved father and the drama in her friends’ group. She also noted that her nephew’s battle with addiction had taken a toll on her own well-being.

Meredith revealed that she likes disengagement and left Utah for France last winter. The reality star didn’t return for the next five to six months.

“I really needed time and space to process everything that had gone on — both within my family and my circle of friends and how they handled what went on with my family,” she said.


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