As Million Dollar Listings returned to our screens last month (May 2021), we’ve been hooked.

Not only do we get to have a sneaky peek into some of the most expensive homes in New York, but there also can be lots of drama – especially since the show took a short break due to COVID-19.

Read on for an insight into the latest episode 9, featuring Whitney!

What is Million Dollar Listing New York?

Million Dollar Listing is a series in which real estate brokers showcase the most luxurious places in New York. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, owners especially came to the show as they found it undeniably harder to make a sale on their properties.

Last month the show returned to Bravo to kick off its 9th season – with the first female broker to join, Kirsten Jordan!

Who is Whitney from the series?

Whitney is the owner of one of the mansions in episode 6 of season 9. Originally from Charleston, the aesthetic of her home is repeatedly referred to as “bold” and “granny chic.”

Tyler Whitman is the real estate broker set the task of selling Whitney’s home, and the episode follows him as he tries to do so.

Whitney and her home

During the tour of her home, viewers will be shocked to find out about a significant part of the decor: the chandelier. Whitney tells Tyler that the stunning Saint Louis Hermès Chandelier is in fact the price of a “small car!”

This addition to the home also brings the price up substantially.

More to come!

Next week, Whitney and two other owners should appear on the show. Weekly episodes are released Thursday nights at 9 pm on Bravo, or alternatively can be streamed on FuboTV – there is definitely more to come!

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