Nene Leaks' tribute to late husband as his 'heaven' birthday marks 'tough day'


Nene Leaks' tribute to late husband as his 'heaven' birthday marks 'tough day'

NeNe Leakes has paid tribute to her late husband Gregg on what would’ve been his 67th birthday. The star has admitted his ‘heavenly’ birthday has marked a tough day for her.

The RHOA star paid tribute to Gregg on Tuesday (August 16), which would’ve marked his 67th birthday. Her husband sadly passed away on September 1, 2021, after a long fight with colon cancer.

The real estate investor was a father of seven. Gregg had five children of his own was stepfather to NeNe’s son, Bryson Bryant, from her previous relationship. The couple shared one biological child called Brentt Leakes, born 1999.

NeNe Leakes celebrates late husband Gregg – the “man that always had a plan”

RHOA fans watched Gregg on the Bravo show since 2008, along with his rollercoaster marriage with NeNe. The pair split for a couple of years before reuniting in 2013, and were happier than ever until his tragic death last year.

The pair had never been shy about flaunting their love.

“Today is a tough one…every year on this date we would be out celebrating you!” NeNe captioned the post.

“I can’t believe we are wishing you a heavenly birthday today. I feel like you went somewhere and you’ll be back.”

Nene then added: “I miss you every day Gregg! Happy birthday. We love you so much.”

Their whirlwind romance began in 1996 and after six months of dating, they were engaged. 16 years later, their marriage broke down and the dup officially divorced in September 2011 after RHOA completed filming season 4.

The reality couple gave their marriage another shot less than two years later and even landed a Bravo spin-off documenting the wedding planning.

Gregg’s cancer returned three years after stage 3 diagnosis

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NeNe first went public with Gregg’s stage 3 colon cancer in 2018; “our new normal and the fight begins”, she bravely announced at the time. Viewers witnessed the effects the cancer treatment took on Gregg physically and on his marriage during RHOA season 11.

Gregg was in remission for two years before the illness sadly returned in June 2021. Three months later, the Leakes family announced he died at their Atlanta home on September 1, aged 66.

“It was difficult” she admitted after the loss.

“I told him I wouldn’t have chosen another husband other than him. I said, ‘I married you twice, crazy man.'”

Gregg tragically passed away ‘peacefully’ at home surrounded by his family, publicist and family friend Ernest Dukes, People reports.

In the US, contact Cancer Care at 800‑813‑HOPE (4673) or visit this link. You can also call the American Cancer Society on 1-800-227-234 or visit their website.


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