Newbie Nicole Weiss James is the talk of The Real Housewives of Orange County fans, but there’s a specific piece of speculation doing the rounds about her. So, exactly what plastic surgery has she had done?

She came onto the Bravo scene with a bang, including being romantically linked to singer-songwriter Kid Rock, to her dislike towards the previous surgery she had done by Terry Dubrow.

This has left many fans totally confused, as Nicole appears to be best buddies with Terry’s wife Heather, who also re-joined the show after leaving several seasons ago.

We looked at her before and after pictures, and detailed when she went under the knife.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Porsha’s Family Matters Trailer | Bravo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Porsha’s Family Matters Trailer | Bravo

What plastic surgery has Nicole James had done?

Nicole underwent breast enlargement surgery several years before RHOC, when she was in her twenties. The procedure was carried out by Heather Dubrow’s husband Terry, who is a plastic surgeon.

Although unconfirmed, many viewers think that Nicole may have also had a nose job and a facelift. And that’s not the only speculation she has faced, as rumors say she “looks nothing like she did in her Kid Rock days”.

Co-stars Shannon and Heather have remarked on just how different Nicole looks compared to when she was younger, which hints that she may have also undergone facial cosmetic procedures. She has not confirmed these rumors.

Speculation of a brow lift is also on the cards, but again, Nicole has never spoken out about getting one. Looking at her recent appearance on RHOC, her eyebrows do appear higher than they used to.

Why did Nicole file a lawsuit against Terry Dubrow?

Nicole filed a lawsuit against Terry Dubrow years ago because she was unhappy with her breast enlargement surgery, and reportedly experienced a complication, as reported by Starcasm.

The newbie revealed that she was pushed to do so by managers and attorneys and told Terry that she didn’t think he had done anything wrong, with tears in her eyes. At the time, she dropped the lawsuit before it went further.

Terry forgave Nicole for filing the lawsuit, and told her it was fine, as seen on RHOC. Since then, Nicole and Heather have become good friends, and it appears the Dubrows are on good terms with her.

Rumor has it that the lawsuit is the reason why Nicole is no longer on the show, and not a full-time cast member.

Nicole James: Before and after

Nicole’s Instagram feed goes back to 2013, where she doesn’t look that different compared to now. This is mainly because she had breast augmentation surgery in her twenties,

The now 42-year-old appears to have possibly removed any older pictures, including on Facebook, or perhaps just didn’t use social media before getting her breasts done.

However, here at Reality Titbit, we have potentially found pictures showing just how different Nicole looked before, in 2003. But these photos are just speculation and it is possible that it is not even the same person.

We looked up a ‘Nicole Weise’ to find these images, who appears to have the same facial features as the RHOC star. She would have been around 24 years old at the time the pictures were taken.

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Reality Titbit has contacted Nicole Weiss James for comment.

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