A man called Patrick Somers accused Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval of cheating on Raquel Leviss with a woman called Julia when they were together. It comes after Tom and Ariana Madix broke up.

It’s all kicking off among the Pump Rules cast, and it’s not even just on-screen this time. Patrick is claiming that Tom cheated on Raquel with his best friend Julia, sharing alleged text exchanges on social media for fans to see. But Tom’s rep has now said the messages were “photoshopped”.

After the news Tom and Ariana had broken up came out, rumors began to circulate that Tom had cheated on her during their relationship, as well as when he was going out with co-star Raquel. We explain the drama.

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Who is Patrick Somers?

Patrick is a media personality from Los Angeles, California. He appears to work for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Bravo TV, as he lists their Twitter accounts on his social media bio, and is a marketing manager.

Somers revealed he was hired by Lisa Rinna on RHOBH to “start drama” until they “fell out.” He is believed to be her former marketing manager and is based in New York when he’s not in LA.

He has now called out Tom for allegedly cheating on Raquel with a woman called Julia. However, the Vanderpump Rules star’s rep has come out and said the photo of messages is fake. Amid the drama, Somers’ Instagram is “currently down due to so much activity” and is believed to have been taken down.

Patrick Somers and Tom Sandoval: Drama

Patrick took to social media to share alleged text exchanges with Tom, claiming he cheated with Julia. The exchanges claim Tom asked Patrick to take his stories down, adding it’s “becoming unsafe for my business partners.”

“Those were not real. All photoshopped and made up,” Sandoval’s rep revealed to RadarOnline.com on Monday. The publication confirmed that Meta removed the messages between the two.

In the alleged photo of messages, Somers appeared to respond to Tom with: “It’s all the lies you told her for me. ‘I want to marry you’, but wouldn’t even date her”. He added: “BUT THEN TO FIND OUT ON TOP OF ALL THAT you were cheating.”

In the picture, which Sandoval’s rep said was doctored, Tom was claimed to have said he doesn’t want any problems before telling Patrick: “I will text Julia privately with an apology. I am sorry.”

Amid the drama, Tom went to Instagram to release a statement on March 5:

Hey, I fully understand and deserve your anger and disappointment towards me, but please leave Schwartz and my friends and family out of this situation. Schwartz specifically only found out about this very recently and most definitely did not condone my actions. This was a very personal thing.

Tom spoke of how he wanted Pump Rules fans to “direct their anger toward him” and not his employees. He continued: I need some time to address everything else. “

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have contacted Tom for comment.

Tom ‘cheated’ with Julia, claimed Patrick before deleting account

Patrick claims Tom cheated on Raquel Leviss, who he allegedly had an affair with while with Ariana, with a woman called Julia. The lady in question has not been properly identified, but Patrick claims she is his best friend.

It comes following the news that Tom and Ariana have broken up amid claims he cheated on her with Raquel.


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