RHOBH star Diana Jenkins' life - 'Dangerous' rumours and double tragedy
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RHOBH star Diana Jenkins' life - 'Dangerous' rumours and double tragedy

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Diana Jenkins may be one of the new wives on the block but she’s not a stranger to the Hollywood lifestyle – or the drama. The newcomer has already been part of controversies and false gossip rumours since her time on the show.

From her book Room 23, fake rumours and devastating tragedies – Diana Jenkins has put her life on show, whether it’s good or bad, for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans.

Not only does she make sure the show is filled with drama despite fans recently asking for her to be ‘recast’, she has proved she fits in with Hollywood.

But what about her as a person? Let’s take a look at Diana Jenkins’ life, rumours, controversies and tragedies.

‘Very, very dangerous’ rumours

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The newcomer Diana Jenkins had to defend rumours that she was running a “secret call girl ring”, which a gossip blog posted in 2012. The Jezebel article claimed her book Room 23 was a “catalogue of clients and call girls.”

Distractify also reports the alleged rumours featured in underground forums, Crazy Days and Nights.

But Diana defended herself against the unfounded allegations at the time, writes E Online.

She said: “It’s very, very dangerous.

“All you need to do is leak a bunch of fake rumours and you can actually destroy somebody’s life.”

The fake rumours about Diana Jenkins also made it on the show, and Lisa brough it up. But she shut her down because she found it difficult to talk about.

A RHOBH producer joked: “So you’re not an international sex trafficker and madam of high-class prostitutes?”

Diana laughed but stood her ground. She said: “It’s honestly so ridiculous that I can’t even believe, actually, that it caught on.”

Diana also spoke about it on Instagram. She wrote: “Let’s address this too. When these man were doing whatever they were doing, I was broke a** refugee in London with no passport no name, no country no family no one to help me.”

She continued: “F**k you for putting me in the same bag with this monster.”

Double tragedy

Diana has also had to deal with double tragedies after losing her brother and her baby.

In season 12 she told Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke she lost her brother in the Bosnian War, and said “he was young.”

However, Diana later revealed she regretted telling Sutton this personal information about her because she felt Sutton was “fake”.

Born in Bosnia, Diana had to flee after the Siege of Sarajevo in 1992. Her brother Irnis Ćatić was just 21 years old when he passed away. Days before the Dayton Accord stopped the war, he was killed by Serb forces, her website reads.

Diana also tragically lost her baby in a stillborn birth, writes Screen Rant.

Sutton told the star she knew how she felt as she’d had two miscarriages but Diana disagreed, implying her situation was different.

Watch the interaction between the two in the clip above.

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Diana Jenkins scandal over Instagram comment

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The newbie apologized for a “racially insensitive” comment she made toward a black woman on Instagram.

In June, the RHOBH star found herself in a social media row with “Philly Diva” Kristen Dionne who runs a Bravo fan account.

The 49-year-old reacted to Dionne posting a younger photo of Diane next to a more recent one, pointing out how she has changed.

But Diane replied: “That picture was actually taken At UCLA law school talking about war crimes in my country and setting up human rights clinic that I financed Before war criminals were brought to justice.

“I was probably 20 or 30 Pounds skinnier and having glam was last thing on my mind,” she added.

“Also looks like picture is manipulated. But shame on you!!!! You and your bulls–t shopping!!!”

Dionne responded that both photos were of Diana and “neither of them look alike”, writes Page Six. She then urged the RHOBH star to “keep that same energy with the rest of Instagram that thinks you have no storyline and should be fired.”

But when Dionne wrote in a second comment, which has now been deleted, “and not just with Black content creators”, Diane responded. Diana wrote back: “It can’t feel good being a Black content creator.”

RHOBH’s Diana ‘deeply sorry’ for ‘racially insensitive comment

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The star received backlash overnight for her remark. But she woke up the next morning to apologize after co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff rang her “screaming” to demand what she meant.

Diane wrote: “I assumed ‘Black content creator’ was a title referring to a page that would be focused on snarky content.”

She apologized: “I copied the term because I thought that’s what it meant. I didn’t realize it was referencing to you as a Black woman and a content creator.”

“Please understand i am not from this country @philly.diva so deeply sorry. I’m devastated that this was taken to mean something racially insensitive. I understand now why it was taken that way and that was never my intention. I am truly sorry.”

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