Lisa and Kathy’s feud shows no signs of stopping as the former accused the fashion designer of being “jealous” of the Kardashian-Jenners in the latest RHOBH episode.

Somehow, the Kardashian-Jenners have managed to find their way back onto the RHOBH in the recent episode. First came Lisa Rinna name-dropping Kendall Jenner as her pal when she asked a bartender to serve her “friend’s” 818 Tequila, instead of Kathy’s Casa Del Sol.

Fans cringed on Reddit at Rinna’s remark and the 59-year-old has yet again mentioned the famous family in episode 20. No, she’s not claiming to be BFFs with them; she’s accusing Kathy of being jealous of them.

Kathy Hilton on RHOBH season 11 reunion
Screenshot from official Bravo Youtube channel – Kathy Hilton Says No One Knows The Real Kyle Richards | RHOBH Highlight S11 E23

RHOBH season 12 episode 20 recap

What actually went down during Kathy’s meltdown in Aspen will forever remain a mystery as no footage was captured and only Kathy and Rinna will only know the truth.

Rinna has been relatively tight-lipped about the situation, but it was uncomfortable enough for her to exit Crystal Kung Minkoff’s birthday early last episode.

According to People, the next day saw the ladies gather for Erika Girardi’s Pretty Mess Hair Event, though Kathy, Kyle Richards, and Garcelle Beauvais weren’t in attendance.

Remember when we said Rinna refrained from divulging any information? Well, that’s about to change. Talking to Dorit privately, the soap actress claimed that Kathy “tried to silence me. You know, I don’t do well with that kind of thing.”

In a confessional, Rinna read text messages Kathy sent her: “Please please do not say anything we discussed. Otherwise, it will make a huge scene that everyone gets dragged into.”

Additional messages continued: “Please it goes further than you would want to know. Silence is golden. I am staying silent.”

Lisa Rinna talking in RHOBH confessional
Screenshot from official Bravo YouTube channel – Lisa Rinna’s Messiest Moments | The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Bravo

“Kathy remembers everything and she’s not proud of her behavior at all. This is far more about Kathy and Kyle than it is about anything else. Period. She was very much like, ‘My behavior is wrong.’ She was apologetic,” Dorit shared.

The two ladies returned to the other housewives and Kathy’s eventful night in Aspen becomes a group conversation. Sheree Zampino, 54. recounts that Kathy was in a foul mood even before the club, specifically at Kemo Sabe, the Western apparel store.

Viewers knew that Kathy was completely offended over Rinna’s order of 818 Tequila, but Rinna only discovered the revelation in this episode. “Kathy is so f****** jealous of the Kardashians,” she said in her confessional.

Fans point out Kim Kardashian’s friendship with Paris Hilton in Kathy’s defense

RHOBH viewers have rallied behind Kathy once again in their feud, tracing back to Kim Kardashian’s beginnings as Paris’ friend and closet organizer.

“Let’s not forget, it was Paris HILTON, Kathy’s daughter, that put Kim K on the map,” a user reminded in defense of Kathy.

A second fan echoed: “Rinna saying Kathy HILTON is jealous of the Kardashians????? The family that was put in the spotlight because Kim worked for Paris LOL get outta here.”

The audience has accused Rinna of “projecting” her feelings onto Kathy instead.

“Kathy is jealous of the Kardashians? I think that honor belongs to you, Rinna”, a fan tweeted.

Another viewer brought up that Nicky is married to financier James Rothschild, a member of the famous banking family, and therefore has no need to be jealous of the famous reality family.



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