RHOBH fans think Lisa Rinna 'exaggerated' Kathy Hilton's 'breakdown' over Kyle


RHOBH fans think Lisa Rinna 'exaggerated' Kathy Hilton's 'breakdown' over Kyle

Fans are accusing Lisa Rinna of ‘making up’ Kathy Hilton’s ‘breakdown’ after RHOBH failed to show footage of the incident, leaving Rinna as the only proof.

Last week’s RHOBH episode saw Kathy Hilton erupt in frustration after Lisa Rinna name-dropped Kendall Jenner as her “friend”. This was as Lisa opted to drink the model’s 818 Tequila, rather than Kathy’s Casa Del Sol, which she’d been passionately promoting to her cast mates.

This week, the ladies are wrapping up their Aspen trip, but their final night out seemingly proved too much for Kathy after Erika Jayne alleged her fellow Bravo star had a “breakdown”.

Fans, however, are calling out Rinna and the show for allegedly “exaggerating” the ordeal. They claim it may not be fully true after producers failed to record it, leaving doubts about how it truly panned out.

Lisa Rinna and the housewives recount Kathy Hilton’s ‘breakdown’

Screenshot from Kathy Hilton Says No One Knows The Real Kyle Richards | RHOBH Highlight S11 E23 | Bravo YouTube channel

Detailing why the fashion designer wasn’t on board the private jet leaving Colorado, Erika claimed Kathy had a freak-out that “we all saw”. What they witnessed took place at the club, but Rinna chimed in with a much more dramatic recollection of what occurred after she left the venue with Kathy.

Sutton revealed Kathy, 63, was “a little off” and asked friends to do the conga, which the group refused. She continued: “She’s [Kathy] in my face saying she wanted to go and ‘if you don’t go home with me, you’re not my friend.'”

Krystal “saw some commotion” but doubted Kathy’s alleged poor behavior given her personality.

On the other hand, Diana claimed Kathy “was raging and screaming at the girls, mostly at Kyle.”

Now for Rinna’s account, who remained at Kathy’s side during the episode.

The Casa Del Sol investor allegedly “starts screaming about everything,” vowing to “take down NBC, Bravo. I will take down this show. I will f****** ruin you all.”

Upon their return to the vacation home, Kathy is said to have had a tantrum. Lisa claimed she was “breaking her glasses and pounding at the wall” while screaming how “she made Kyle.”

Rinna topped it off with the ultimate cliffhanger: “She said ‘I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

Fans doubt Kathy had such a breakdown without ‘proof’

Screenshot from Kyle Richards Has Concerns About the ‘Wives Trip to La Quinta | RHOBH Highlight (S12 E3) | Bravo YouTube Channel

Viewers will have to wait till tonight for the full low-down on the situation. However, right now, fans are doubting Rinna’s story as they’ve yet to see footage of the apparent “meltdown“.

“Let me get this straight: Kathy Hilton has a complete and utter breakdown in Aspen, no cameras capture any footage, and our source for this incident is… Lisa Rinna? GOT IT,” a fan complained followed by a clown emoji.

Another also isn’t convinced: “I’ve watched Rinna since she started on #RHOBH She lies, makes up stories, exaggerates, throws vicious fits etc. I’m sure Kathy Hilton is no angel but I’d believe her over Rinna any day!”

A firm Kathy believer added: “So the big deal that would destroy Kathy’s reputation was a temper tantrum with zero camera footage and only Rinna as a witness?”

“I don’t believe a single word of what Rinna said. Not one. Kathy is doing all this and you don’t take your phone out to record her? Please! Team Kathy.”

Ah, Regina George’s iconic meltdown that prompted hell to break loose at North Shore:

Some fans are taking Rinna’s word for it as all housewives recalled similar stories at the club, while others believe that Kathy did indeed have a “tantrum”, though Rinna exaggerated the situation.

Whose team are you on? Kathy or Rinna’s?



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