RHOBH is officially back on Bravo for season 12, and the cast member’s taglines are just a hint of the drama set to erupt this year. From Erika Jayne having ‘nothing to hide’ to Kyle Richards being the ‘real deal’, it’s just beginning…

This season, Kyle Edwards and Kathy Hilton have a rocky argument, Erika claims that she never touched the so-called $20 million “elephant in the room”, and Dorit Kemsley recounts the terrifying moment her home had a break-in.

So, as if you couldn’t wait any longer, we’ve got season 12’s taglines and how fans are reacting to each of them. Plus, what’s the deal with newbie Diana Jenkins’ “having it all” line? We explored what the quotes potentially hint.

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The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock

RHOBH season 12 taglines

This year’s taglines give hints to what each cast member’s storyline will be. From the court case Erika is involved with, to Dorit opening up about her robbery by her “take all my things” line, it certainly reflects their focus this season.

We have a list of all the RHOBH star’s taglines for season 12, which are:

Kyle Richards: “When you’re the real deal, you don’t have to pretend.”
Lisa Rinna: “Hi, I’m karma. And yes, I am a bitch.” 
Erika Jayne: “I have nothing to hide, and nothing to lose, and that makes me dangerous.”
Dorit Kemsley: “You can take all my things, and you won’t have taken a thing that matters.”
Garcelle Beauvais: “I don’t need the spotlight. I shine just fine.”
Sutton Stracke: “If you want a seat at my table, you best mind your manners.”
Crystal Kung Minkoff: “They say talk is cheap, but in Beverly Hills, it can cost you.”
Diana Jenkins: “The only thing better than having it all is having even more.” 

Fans react to 2022 taglines

Kyle Richards’ taglines are always seen as iconic, but this year’s was slightly disappointing for fans who eagerly waited for her “in this town” line. However, Dorit Kemsley‘s confusing quote had fans loving her even more.

Looking on social media, there’s a whole variety of reactions to the RHOBH 2022 taglines. Some were happy while others really didn’t enjoy this year’s versions. One fan wrote: “All of the #RHOBH taglines are mediocre at best.”

Another said: “How many times is @KyleRichards going to tell us she knows what’s real and what’s fake and she’s from this town and yadayadayada??? Get some new taglines because these are getting tiiiiired! #RHOBH.”

“Garcelle and Sutton had the best taglines”, reacted a fan.

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The taglines give hints to storylines

As Garcelle says she doesn’t need the spotlight, this hints that she won’t have a main storyline in season 12 and is happy to sit back and let her co-stars create the drama instead.

Dorit, on the other hand, is facing the aftermath and trauma of the robbery her home was targeted in. Despite having a huge net worth, she suggests that her materialistic things don’t matter to her.

Lisa is set to get involved in the drama by saying she’s “karma”, hinting at the argument involving Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton, which she plays a key part in. Kyle also claims she isn’t lying due to being the “real deal.”

Erika’s tagline appears to refer to her court case, while Sutton Stracke could be digging at some more drama between them by saying “you best mind your manners.” Newbie Diana hints that she is worth a big sum by “having more.”

Crystal’s line of “talk is cheap” potentially sounds like she could be spoken about by her co-stars, and that she is ready to address any gossip. However, this all is just speculation inspired and taken from their taglines.



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