Gina Kirschenheiter and her RHOC co-stars made a trip to the mines, but it wasn’t without some juicy drama. She blamed her recent actions towards the other ladies by blaming it on the ‘Tommyknockers’…

She claimed that she acted rudely and made mean comments because she was possessed by the Tommyknockers’ spirits. This left viewers totally confused about what that word even means, but we have all the details.

Co-star Emily Simpson also revealed in a confessional that she felt Gina should own up to her mistakes instead of blaming them on the supernatural. And the majority of fans have agreed with her.

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‘Tommyknockers’ meaning

The ‘Tommyknockers’ are mythical, subterranean, gnome-like creatures. When the RHOC stars went on a mining trip, they learned about the ‘demons’, which are said to have shared the underground with superstitious Cornish miners.

Gina and Emily brought expensive wine and candy for the so-called Tommyknockers demon. After their first visit to the haunted mines though, she had been mean towards co-stars Noella Bergener and Shannon Beador.

Their tour guide told them that visitors offered food and beverages to the spirits of the Tommyknockers who had died in the mines. When visiting the mines for a second time, Gina claimed she was possessed by the spirits.

Gina blames actions on ‘Tommyknockers’

While she was getting ready with Emily Simpson the morning after the previous night out, the star blamed the Tommyknockers. Gina blamed her behavior the night before on a demon and said: “It wasn’t me it was the demons.

She claimed there had been a demon in the mines they visited, which explains why they brought the so-called spirit gifts. This left fans confused about why the spirits had received presents instead of Noella.

Before the episode aired, Gina uploaded a post about getting a needed “spiritual extraction”, where her followers praised her for getting rid of any negativity in her body.

Fans react to RHOC star’s comment

RHOC viewers could not believe it when Gina blamed her behaviour from the night before on the Tommyknockers. While some took the humour lightly, others were genuinely in shock about the comment.

One questioned: “So Gina’s excuse for her behavior is because of a ghost?!? #RHOC.”

Another said: “I just CANNOT with Gina! She’s trying SOOOOO hard. Her jealousy is so very apparent. Blaming her Atrocious behavior on Tommyknockers or spirits is so damn LAME!!!!! #RHOC.”

“Not Gina blaming her bad attitude on demons #RHOC, reacted a viewer. However, some of her Instagram followers had her back and shared their loyalties with her.

A fan wrote: “It was a challenging episode but I will always support you Gina.”



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