Shannon Storms Beador sat down with Andy Cohen during Watch What Happens Live in 2023 and gave some insight into what happened between her and her ex, John Janssen. After The Real Housewives of Orange County star split from her ex-husband, David Beador, she appeared to have found ‘the one’ in John.

However, during the June 14 WWHL with Andy Cohen, Shannon explained how their split went down. The 59-year-old has recently been pictured smiling alongside her ex-husband, David, in 2023. She also cleared up any rumors about the two having a “spark” in her chat with the Bravo show host.

Shannon Beador speaks in confessional on RHOC wearing pink blazer, white top and long blond hair worn down
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John Janssen broke up with Shannon Storms Beador

During Watch What Happens Live, Andy asks Shannon Storms Beador what happened between her and John as their relationship is heavily featured during the current RHOC season.

Shannon said: “As you watch the season, you’ll see how our relationship progressed.”

A week after The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 finished filming, John broke up with Shannon.

Andy said that he was “upset on Shannon’s behalf,” after learning of the split.

Shannon was ‘blindsided’

Given that John and Shannon appear to be getting on well during RHOC season 17, it came as a surprise to her that John wanted to split up with her.

Speaking to Andy, Shannon said: “That’s why I use the word blindsided.”

The Bravo star confirmed that “she cried some real tears for quite some time.” But, “kept it under wraps for a couple of months,” because she wanted to “process” the split.

Shannon added that she and John didn’t speak for around six months but are now “friendly,” and have been to dinner.

She said the two will “never get back together.”

When it comes to John’s reason for breaking up with Shannon, she told Andy he said he “loved her” but that they’re “not right for each other.”

RHOC star says ‘zero sparks’ are flying

In early June 2023, Shannon and David Beador shocked everyone when they took to the ‘gram together.

The exes bumped into each other at The Quiet Woman in California and sparked all kinds of rumors. However, Shannon confirmed on June 14’s WWHL that there’s no chance of a rekindling between herself and David.

A fan asked Shannon on the show what it was like “running into David.” The fan added, as they’re now both single, “…are there any sparks between the two of you?”

Shannon replied: “Absolutely zero sparks, for the last five years if he heard my voice on the phone with the kids he would hang up.”

She explained that she “went up to him” at the restaurant and said: “I’m not leaving your side until you take a picture and we send it to the kids.”

The RHOC star said that she’s “hopeful” that she and David can make their relationship work “for the kids’ sake.”


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