Airing since 2009, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey have an impressive bank of unforgettable moments. Here’s six of our favourite moments from RHONJ, most of which feature a certain Teresa Guidice.

There’s only part 3 of RHONJ’s season 12 reunion left, so let’s take a look at some of the most iconic moments throughout the years. In our eyes, 49-year-old Teresa Guidice takes the crown for most dramatic housewife.

Love & Marriage: DC | Full Length Trailer | OWN

Love & Marriage: DC | Full Length Trailer | OWN

Six most explosive RHONJ moment

The table flip

Let us take you back all the way to the season 1 finale.

Tensions between Teresa and Danielle Staub played out throughout the season, but the pair got into heated argument during a private dining event – definitely not the type of small talk you want at a classy event.

After Teresa kept questioning about her past, an agitated Danielle told her “pay attention please,” leaving Teresa speechless for a few seconds. “Who is she? Is she God? No, so don’t tell me to ‘pay attention'”, she told the show.

Before you know, the table got flipped twice, sending the wine glasses flying.

The weave grab

Rather than a calm shopping trip, Danielle and Margaret Josephs had a different plan in mind in season 10.

Their physical altercation began with Margaret pouring a bottle of water on Danielle’s head, followed by the latter emptying Margaret’s purse out onto a lit candle – it was a $500 candle, by the way.

Just when you thought things were going to settle, Danielle yanked Margaret’s fake ponytail and proceeded to drag her around the room.

Danielle left RHONJ permanently after this season – you should never mess with a woman’s weave.

The christening clash

It was meant to be a special occasion for Joe and Melissa Gorga’s son, but his christening turned out to be the location for a showdown between the two Joe’s.

The Guidice’s were invited to the event despite a strained relationship with the Gorga’s because they were family. After Teresa went to congratulate the parents and Joe called his sister “garbage”, a fight broke out between her husband and brother.

The mastermind behind the weave pull

Let us take you back to the weave pull.

Danielle returned as friend of the Housewives and In season 10 episode 15, she revealed to Melissa that she pulled Margaret’s hair because Teresa told her too – it was confirmed by footage of Teresa encouraging Danielle.

Just when you thought Teresa wasn’t involved.

She did, however, apologise in the season 10 reunion, calling it a “bad judgement call” and because she “was in the moment.”

The country club conflict

In season 2, Danielle and Teresa got into yet another argument. The former wasn’t planning to attend the Porsche Fashion Show at the North Jersey Country Club, and after seeing how it went down, she should’ve stayed home.

The pair caused a scene after hurling insults at each other and Teresa ended up chasing Danielle outside, who broke her heels.

Most iconic line: Teresa responding “Is b**** better?” after Danielle told her not to call her “honey”.

The pool push

Jennifer and Bill Ayudin’s anniversary party was interrupted by Margaret, Danielle, and their husbands.

Joe Benigno and Marty Caffrey had a poolside argument, in which the latter accused Joe of being jealous of him because Margaret “doesn’t have the body that Danielle has”. Soon enough, Margaret joined the conversation and after a couple more heated exchanges, Joe was soaking wet in the pool.

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