Jackie Goldschneider has shared her family life with the world on RHONJ. A more vulnerable moment takes place on the April 5th episode, when she eats her first bite of ice cream in 18 years with her four kids by her side.

The Bravo reality star has her hands full, whether she’s filming or looking after her children. As a mother-of-four, she’s now thriving as a parent, but it wasn’t always an easy ride to get pregnant for Jackie.

She went through in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) to have two sets of twins: Jonas and Adin, and Alexis and Hudson. With one daughter and three sons, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has achieved the family of her dreams.

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Jackie Goldschneider’s kids

Jackie has two sets of twins, including boys Jonas and Adin and 10-year-old twins Alexis and Hudson. The 45-year-old recently celebrated Jonas and Adin’s 14th birthday, which involved them being taken out for sweet treats.

Jona demolished a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream, and Adin had a chocolate fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It comes just before the episode where Jackie eats ice cream with them.

Being parents to four children has been a pivotal moment in Jackie and husband Evan’s lives. She told Bravo:

So everything is fabulous with me and Evan. It’s a very big year for my children. Alexis and Hudson will be graduating fifth grade and going to middle school which is unbelievable to me because I feel like they’re still babies.

Adding that her children “study hard”, Jackie is incredibly proud of her kids, especially as they approach decisions on which high school to attend. Her kids also headed off to spend two weeks away from home at summer camp recently.

She went through IVF to have children

Jackie underwent IVF to have kids, which we saw her open up about on RHONJ. She told Page Six the reason she “couldn’t have children naturally” is because she wasn’t eating enough food to ovulate or menstruate.

She first revealed that she didn’t naturally conceive them back in 2018, during the first season of the Bravo series. The cast member went through five rounds of IVF to get pregnant, who cried when she found out she was having boys.

Initially desperate to have a daughter, as reported by Good Housekeeping, Jackie asked Evan to promise her they could try for another baby if they were told they were expecting sons. That all changed later, though. She said:

I ended up having two more children, a boy and a girl, but this isn’t about how I finally felt complete. I was complete moments after my first sons were born. I still wanted a daughter, but I didn’t need that to feel whole as a mother.

The reason for her disappointment at first, after being told they were having two boys, was because of how Jackie pictured what being a mom to sons was like. She thought she couldn’t show them to do “man” things, like throw a ball.

The RHONJ star’s family-of-six

Jackie is now living as a family-of-six, with her husband Evan. She comes from a successful family, as her mom started a software consulting firm and her parents have invested in stocks and real estate.

She revealed that her Hampton house is rented for a whopping $60,000 per month. “My beach house is actually $60,000 a month, so let’s just get that right!” Jackie has clarified.

As for Jackie’s New Jersey home, the reality star often shares snaps from her house which features a piano room, a huge closet, a large living room and sparkling accents all over the house.

Viewers of the Bravo show notice how Jackie doesn’t try to “produce” her children but rather lets them show their true selves, including play-wrestling at the start of scenes or running around the home.



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