RHONY: Leah McSweeney's boob job before and after -photos revealed

RHONY: Leah McSweeney's boob job before and after -photos revealed

Fashion designer and reality TV star Leah McSweeney is not one to shy away from the camera, including when showing off her new breasts.

Best known for having starred in The Real Housewives of New York City since 2020, the public figure has had an open relationship with her fans regarding the plastic surgery she has undergone.

Previously, she underwent rhinoplasty and septoplasty, but Leah’s most recent venture was a breast augmentation.

Often sharing photos showing off her new cleavage, fans are wondering why the star got new boobs, and how she looked before surgery.

Your First Look at The Real Housewives of New York City Season 13 | Bravo

Your First Look at The Real Housewives of New York City Season 13 | Bravo

Leah’s plastic surgery experience

The 39-year-old TV actress decided to undergo a breast augmentation in December 2020, following her nose job just 3 months prior.

Leah revealed on her Instagram at the time of the surgery that she was excited for her new ‘Xmas boob lift’ that she had gifted to herself.

Recovering well from the surgery, it appears that Leah is very happy with her decision to undergo surgery, often posting photos showing off her cleavage in low cut dresses.

Fans also often comment complimenting Leah’s new look with one saying, ‘Your boobs look fantastic!!’.

Leah’s before and after photos can be seen below:

Leah McSweeney opens up about surgery

She has not been anything less than open with followers. After getting nose surgery, Leah wrote: “I am not trying to hide anything from anybody.”

Similarly, when undergoing her breast lift, Leah often posted to her Instagram to share the journey.

In June, Leah posted a photo of her latest photoshoot for ‘Paper’ where she posed with her new boobs on display. The shot which had been edited hid the scar that Leah now had since the breast implants.

Later on the same day, Leah chose to also post the unedited version of the photo writing: “I had wanted the non photoshopped boob photo to be published but accidentally the scar from my boob lift was edited out.

“Here it is in all its glory for the sake of transparency. Sorry for clogging your feed today!!”

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Leah’s opinion on plastic surgery

Although Leah’s mom Bunny wasn’t too happy with her daughter’s plastic surgery, as seen in the recent series of RHONY, Leah takes a different stance.

Mother to a 13-year-old daughter, Kier Marie (Kiki), Leah said in an interview that she would support her daughter’s decision if one day she decided to have plastic surgery.

Leah told UsWeekly: “I mean my daughter’s drop-dead beautiful, but if there was something in the future that she wanted to do, I can’t even imagine what it would be, but it’s, like, case by case.”

Leah also revealed in episode 13 of the 16th season of RHONY that she will not be having any further plastic surgery.



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