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Ryne Holliday was pro poker player before kids with RHOC's Dr Jen

As if Ryne Holliday hasn’t shared enough (he never wears t-shirts, according to Jen) already, he told his RHOC co-star Terry Dubrow that he was actually a professional poker player before he had children with his wife.

During a dinner party hosted by Heather Dubrow, Dr. Jen Armstrong told the camera about Ryne’s “aloof” behaviour in social situations, which she hoped would go well throughout the night. As a result, she drank a lot of champagne.

So when Ryne tucked a large cloth into his collar so as not to drop food on his shirt, Heather joked in a confessional that he may not want to ruin the “one shirt.” However, the mood changed when he revealed he played poker.

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Ryne Holliday as pro poker player

Before Ryne and Jen’s children were born, he was a professional poker player. He announced this news at Heather’s dinner party shortly after Terry Dubrow took Ryne down to a lounge.

Ryne told him that he doesn’t drink, but that he enjoys sports and gambling. He said he played poker professionally until the kids were born and that he never really had a job.

Terry asked if he did more stuff with the kids than Jen, and Ryne said “that would be fair to say”. Considering he had children before the year of 2010, his poker days were well over 20 years ago.

Fans react to poker revelation

When Ryne dropped the pro poker player comment, many RHOC viewers were shocked. Several also revealed that the fact he has never really had a job “explains so much” about his behaviour.

One viewer wrote: “When I tell you my jaw dropped…” However, others had Ryne’s back and noted how he often takes care of his kids and home while Jen works at her plastic surgeon clinic.

Another responded to the no job reveal with: “Yeah. We got that lmao. It sort of went without saying to be honest.”

Wait?! Ryne never had a job? professional gambler? is Ryne a gigolo? #RHOC,” reacted a RHOC fan.

However, some fans praised Ryne for his hard work at home. A viewer said: “

Ryan/Ryne being a stay at home dad is cringe? A man taking care of his children & being a present father isn’t good enough because he doesn’t have a high paying job? Measuring someone’s worth based on if they have a job or not & how much $ they make is DISGUSTING.

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What does Jen’s hubby do for work?

Ryne is the president of travel company Hawaii Hideaways, which is based in Hawaii. He is also the Conde Nast Traveler-recommended “Villa Rental Specialist”.

When he was offered the opportunity to play basketball at the University of Hawaii, Ryne quickly moved to the island of Oahu and now more than 20 years later, has not left.

Dr. Jen Armstrong’s husband started off small renting his own house to travelers, but then soon branched out to other properties when demand grew. He now has an estimated net worth of over $100 million.



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