Scheana's 12.74-carat Morganite ring shows how rich Brock Davies is
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Scheana's 12.74-carat Morganite ring shows how rich Brock Davies is

Scheana Shay’s engagement ring definitely didn’t go amiss from Vanderpump Rules viewers, who have been scrambling to find out how much the 12.74-carat Morganite ring really cost Brock Davies.

Brock was new to the reality TV world when he first met Scheana, but luckily for fans, their relationship ins-and-outs have been shared for all to see – including their big engagement.

Since then, the Morganite ring she’s been wearing on her finger has been glinting at cameras, leaving fans seriously curious about exactly how much the devoted jewelry piece cost Brock.

Turns out that the words ‘Will you marry me?’ means far more in the reality TV world, as it gives hints about how much the person asking the all-important Q is really earning…

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Scheana Shay’s engagement ring

Scheana’s engagement ring is made out of morganite and has 12.74 carats. Designed by jeweler and Vanderpump Rules cast friend Kyle Chan, the rare jewelery piece is a rectangular cushion-cut ring.

The pink morganite center stone is thought to represent “unconditional love”, as stated by the designer.

While the pink morganite is 12.74 carats, the actual diamond ring is 14 karat white gold. Many fans think that Scheana should have got more than morganite, however the “pure and simple” design is speaks to their “Divine Love”.

Scheana first laid eyes on the ring – which reflects with insane fire – when Brock proposed to her on a rose petal-covered balcony at their Los Angeles home.

The Morganite ring on Pump Rules: Cost explored

Considering the ring designer has made jewelry for Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Carrie Underwood, it is no secret that the pieces are worth a LOT of money.

Prices of Kyle Chan’s 14/18 gold carat rings range from $450 to $7,628 at the time of writing. But the ring specially made for Scheana cost Brock over $25,000, according to a Page Six video.

When discussing Scheana’s dream engagement ring, Brock revealed to People what she was looking for. He said:

Scheana and I have talked openly about what we want in life, all the way down to the ring. So all I needed to do was talk to our good friend Kyle Chan, who also happens to be an amazing jeweler. He ran with the design and came back with such a fire cut.

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How much is Brock Davies worth?

Brock’s net worth has mainly been accumulated through his former football career, and currently stands at around $4 million. This makes him significantly worth more than his fiance, despite her being a reality star before him.

Brock is reportedly paid over $10,000 per episode. That means that in one season, he could be paid around $240,000, considering there were 24 episodes during the last season.

Having been awarded the World’s Most Inspirational Male Trainer in the past, he has been massively successful in the sports world. His fiance gets between $10,000 to $25,000 per episode, and has a net worth of $500,000!



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