Schwartz and Sandy’s cost $1 million to open but Tom Sandoval and his Vanderpump Rules bestie are worth millions more. Their net worth combined is seriously impressive, especially due to Sandoval’s successful band.

“It’s like the national debt. It’s just numbers flying,” Tom Sandoval said about the investment into his and Tom Schwartz’s new bar. Season 10 sees him admit just how much they spent on the snazzy establishment.

Vanderpump Rules star can actually eat at Schwartz and Sandy’s, which has grown to success in a similar way to their other Tom Tom Restaurant where Sandoval and Schwartz work as junior partners. & DailyMailTV Summer Party At Tom Tom
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Schwartz and Sandy’s cost $1 million

Schwartz and Sandy’s cost $1 million to open, which included adding starry night wallpaper. Sandoval said: “We have our James Turrell installation on the way to the bathroom. At this point, we invested a million dollars into this project.”

It wasn’t all plain-sailing for Schartz, who recently divorced Katie Maloney. “I’m like f–king drowning, man,” he told Sandoval. “Do you know how bad it sucks right now having a mortgage? Six grand for that. That’s my portion.”

He added: “Then I have $3,500 in rent. That’s not even counting bills, our lease here.” Last season, both Schwartz and Sandoval planned to take out home equity loans to pay for the bar. However, Schwartz’s loan ended up being denied.

At NBCUniversal’s upfront presentation in May 2022, Sandoval explained that as he and Schwartz worked hard on their new business, they “learned a lot” along the way, and “some of those lessons have been the hard way.”

They are also Tom Tom Restaurant partners

Schwartz and Sandoval opened Schwartz and Sandy’s establishment in November 2022 under the umbrella of mentor Lisa Vanderpump, following the success of their other business, TomTom Bar, which opened in 2019.

Schwartz and Sandy’s opened on November 2, after they celebrated an opening in July. A few months later, Sandoval revealed at BravoCon in October that they didn’t know how hard it was to find back-of-house staff, as per Bravo.

How much is Tom Schwartz worth?

Tom is worth $4 million, Celebrity Net Worth reports. He matches Sandoval when it comes to net worth, even though he offered Schwartz to “cover his end” when it came to taking out loans to pay for their restaurant.

Sandoval often rocks out to his band Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras, which plays covers. They go on tour regularly and charge each fan $35 per ticket, where Tom is the lead singer.

He graduated from bartender at SUR to part-owner of Tom Tom, is the author of Fancy AF Cocktails with girlfriend Ariana Maddix, and ventured into the beauty industry with men’s cosmetic company Stryx!

Schwartz, on the other hand, began modeling as a teenager and is famous for being on television series such as Basically Stassi, Stassi Self, Migz Across America, Vanderpump Rules Self, KitchenAid Self, and Two And A Half Men.

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