Slade Smiley’s luxurious lifestyle after leaving RHOC screams wealth
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Slade Smiley's luxurious lifestyle after leaving RHOC screams wealth

You’d think that waving goodbye to a reality TV show like RHOC could mean your finances drop, but Slade Smiley and partner Gretchen Rossi have continued to share their luxurious lifestyle online.

Their financial woes, along with questions about how they even make money, surfaced after their departure in 2013. Since their sudden exit, many fans have been revisiting old episodes and wonder what Slade is worth today.

Fans may be wondering how the married couple make a living now, so Reality Titbit done some digging to find out Slade’s job and net worth as we step into the 2022 year…

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What does Slade Smiley do for a living now?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Slade continues to be the president of production and marketing company Grayson Entertainment, which he has been running since 2000.

In 2018, reports said he worked for a company in the security space and serves on the boards of two other companies. However, Radar reported in February that he is “jobless” and yet to find employment, while owing $130K in debt.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, Slade claims that his monthly income in 2010 was $416 a month, and in 2009 had no income.

The publication also reported that he is seeking to have his monthly child support payments to his son’s mother Michelle Arroyo reduced from $3500, because he no longer earns the big bucks working in real estate.

Gretchen wrote on her now-deleted blog post at the time of the report:

I see Slade everyday working hard to try and find a good paying job so he can once again meet his obligations and continue to pay for Grayson’s medical expenses. He submits resumes consistently to companies and has worked with head hunters, etc. Just because a man can no longer pay $4,000 a month in support due to loss of a job and financial hardship does not make him a deadbeat father.

Slade told his mom that he was a consultant for partner Gretchen’s handbag and make-up products.

The former RHOC star’s net worth

Slade Smiley is thought to have a $200 thousand net worth in 2021, while partner Gretchen Rossi has a whopping $4million to her name at the time of writing.

She was a successful real estate agent before RHOC, and in the top 7 percent internationally for Coldwell Banker.

By 2018, her main source of income came from her Gretchen Christine line of beauty products, luggage, handbags, and accessories, which she launched 11 years ago.

The couple now host podcast Knot Too Taboo and run their own CBD company Bio Reigns, while Gretchen often does brand partnerships and advertisements on Instagram.

Slade and Gretchen’s luxurious lifestyle

Slade and wife Gretchen live by the water in Southern California, and everyone knows that you usually need a significant amount of money to reside on the seafront.

From visiting Balboa Bay resort to having a nanny to help look after their daughter Skylar three times a week, their lifestyle screams wealth of the richest kind.

Gretchen is the owner of several designer items, such as a Chanel brooch, and lives in a home including a large fireplace and all-white dining area. Their daughter also has her own nursery.

The huge property also has a wide, open porch with several bedrooms, which is where they reside when they are not jetting off on holiday or going out on day dates.



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