Southern Charm season 8 ended with a final blow-up between Craig, Naomie, and Leva at what was meant to be a peaceful Christmas gala.

In true Southern Charm fashion, the castmates brought yet another bust-up to the screen, and it heightened tensions for next week’s reunion. Despite both Naomie and Craig moving on from their former romance and having conversations to hash out their problems, it’s clear that everything isn’t peachy at his Christmas gala.

Craig has slowly won fans over by focusing on his sewing business, Sewing Down South. Meanwhile, viewers have shown no mercy as they’ve slammed friends Shep and Austen for being jealous of his successful venture.

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Craig’s Christmas clash explained

The finale episode marks the sewing fanatic’s Christmas gala, uniting the whole gang – yes, even Naomie who he re-invited. That was already not a good start.

Paige and the man of the hour arrived first, followed by Venita and Tati; Whitney and Patricia; and Naomie and Madison.

The party remains a civil event – until dinner. With no seating chart at hand, that’s the first sign of chaos, leaving guests confused as they squish up while Craig directs them to their positions. It seems that the cast members and their dates are placed at Craig’s main table. Except for Naomie and Leva.

“Where do they want us to sit?” Leva asks Naomie privately. Unsure where to go, Naomie questions whether there are seats on the main table. “Not on this table”, he said while pointing to an alternative area.

The former couple takes subtle jabs at each other as Naomie labels the situation “annoying” before the former lawyer hits back that she didn’t need to come.

“It’s one thing for there not to be a seating chart, I get it,” she told cameras in a confessional. “But there has to be room for everybody to sit at the table, and so this just feels like tit for tat; like, ‘I’ll invite you to my party, but you can’t sit with us.’ It just feels fishy.”

“This looks like you’re deliberately making your ex-girlfriend look stupid,” Leva reflected.

The ladies proceeded to sit with Madison, but Leva claimed she’d rather sit with Amanda – Craig’s business partner – seemingly wanting to complain about the host.

With Leva done with being a second-class citizen at dinner, she tells Amanda that “Craig is out of line,” prompting him to lash out at his castmate for “acting like a child”

Their heated discussion between tables concludes with the host threatening to call security after Leva blasts Craig for letting others run his business.

Fans draw the line at Leva’s behavior

Leva escalated the drama at what was meant to be a peaceful festive event – but she’s not all to blame. It was seemingly all down to the seating chart.

Fans are calling out the entrepreneur for speaking ill of Craig to his business partners and “making it all about herself.”

Siding with Craig’s decision to call security, a user commented: “Unpopular opinion: Craig is 10000% right for telling Leva to leave. She’s complaining to his business partners?! Not the move, girl.”

A second agreed: “IMO, it was in no way ok for her to complain to them about him at his holiday party for his company. It’s such a bad look”

However, some have pointed out that the screaming match could’ve been conducted in private: “Was Leva wrong speaking to his team, yes, but he could have taken her aside to speak to her,” a fan defended.

Another added: “Kicking ppl out of a business holiday party is not the flex you think it is. He is so embarrassing.”



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