Southern Charm fans label Naomie as 'hypocritical' for meeting ex-BF Craig

Southern Charm fans label Naomie as 'hypocritical' for meeting ex-BF Craig

Naomie Olindo and Craig Conover have remained friends since their 2017 split, but fans are now slamming her for being “hypocritical” for inviting him out for coffee.

The former couple crossed paths in 2009 as students at the College of Charleston, but only reconnected years after. Naomie became a series regular in 2016 and things got serious when they moved in together in season 4. Viewers watched their break-up play out on screen in 2017.

It’s been nearly five years since their split, but fans and the rest of Charleston were stunned to hear that they hooked up not once, but twice before season 8 aired. As expected, that’s been the dominating storyline.

Naomie and Craig have remained friends, but fans are having doubts as the 30-year-old invited her ex to coffee, despite the former law student agreeing not to meet one-on-one.

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Fans think Naomie is trying to reunite with Craig

In the latest episode, Craig reluctantly meets up with Naomie to discuss her strange conversation with Chleb Ravenell about Kathryn Dennis. Puzzled why she couldn’t just talk over the phone, Craig told in a confessional: “Like, why did we have to have coffee [for her] to tell me Chleb is talking s*** about Kathryn?”

Fans had a similar reaction, writing on Twitter: “Why does Naomi think she has a right to hang with Craig just because he’s her ex? He’s in a whole other relationship now.”

Naomie split up with Metul Shah after three years in July 2021 upon discovering he had been cheating on her, as per People. Now, viewers are accusing her of being a hypocrite as she kept her distance from Craig whilst in a relationship, though she’s now meeting her ex despite him being in a relationship.

Craig sets boundaries

The Sewing Down South founder eventually mustered up the courage to set “boundaries” with his ex to stay considerate of now-girlfriend Paige DeSorbo.

“I think that Paige is being very understanding even though she doesn’t understand it because she lives in New York where you don’t run into your exes,” he told the camera. “She has been patient with me hooking up with Naomie while me and Paige were figuring stuff out. I don’t want to push it by disrespecting her any further.”

The former couple hooked up twice in total, though the businesswoman never expected it to be such a huge deal in the season.

“I think that the Craig and Paige stuff got blown out of proportion a little bit. I didn’t realize that it was going to be such a storyline, but there’s absolutely no bad blood between us whatsoever,” she told the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.



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