The second part of the Southern Charm Season 8 reunion recently aired as fans witnessed an emotional segment between ex-couple Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green.

The reunion of Southern Charm Season 8 was divided into two parts with the first airing last week, and the second hitting screens yesterday, October 13, 2022.

Cohen brought up all the storylines that were featured in Season 8 which of course meant the Shep-Taylor drama was a huge talking point.

Taylor Ann Green was seen calling out Shep Rose for his behavior throughout the Southern Charm Season 8 reunion. Of course, the episodes also touched on Craig’s attitude towards Naomi, which he eventually owned up to.

It also featured Venita’s falling out with Madison, Leva’s upcoming Bravo show, along with Austen and Olivia’s current relationship status.

The heated moment between Tay and Shep has led Southern Charm fans to encourage Taylor to “move on” from the relationship, so let’s take a look at what fans on Twitter think.

Southern Charm’s Taylor puts Shep in the hot seat

Shep, who split from Taylor in July after two years together, found himself plunged into the hot seat during the reunion episodes.

Taylor started off by calling out Shep for not working on himself after saying that he would. She then brought his parents into things, saying that they don’t hold Shep accountable for his bad behavior. Explaining that he spoke to his parents, in the same way as he spoke to her on the group’s trip to Auldbrass. Referencing when Shep shouted at Taylor, calling her a “f*******g idiot,” in front of their friends.

In the reunion episode, Andy asked Taylor whether her parents hated Shep after watching this episode which she batted off by saying her mom and dad love Shep even when they’re not together.

Fans hit out at Andy Cohen for ‘defending’ sheep

Taylor broke down in tears as she questioned Shep about sleeping with other women in Texas within just two months of their breakup. She went on to ask, “Why are you using women like that? Why did you use me like that?” Shep replied by saying he doesn’t “keep score” and that he will “always love Taylor” even though they are going through a turbulent time at the minute.

Some fans feel as though host Andy Cohen was defending Shep’s behavior throughout the reunion. After Taylor asked Shep why he hooked up with other women, Andy said: “He is single now.” He then asked Taylor why she was upset by Shep’s behavior when she said at the reunion that she was still in love with him.

Shep reveals what caused his split with Taylor

Shep revealed during part 2 of the reunion that things started to go downhill during their trip around the world. He explains that after a five-star meal in Italy, Taylor “started crying in bed after dinner.”He explains that Taylor saw a lot of differences between them, “She said, ‘I don’t think we see the world in the same way.’”

After they got back to Charleston, Shep was caught trying to kiss one of Leva’s employees, as per US Weekly. Whilst he claims that he didn’t remember the incident, Craig says that he saw it all happen, noting that Shep didn’t look like “he knew what he was doing.” Taylor was asked during the reunion if this was the final straw to which she replied, “Yeah.”

Southern Charm fans tell Taylor to ‘move on’ from Shep

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