Things are going south, and that’s definitely not a charming thought. In a sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode, Leva and Venita tell Madison that “by the looks” of it, it seems she still has feelings for ex-boyfriend Austen. The argument ends up bringing friendship loyalties and other feuds into the equation.

The eighth season of Southern Charm is not disappointing, as each episode seems to be one drama after another. First Craig Conover and Paige with Naomie Olindo and her relationship with Whitney Suddler-Smith.

Now, fans will learn more about what happened between Leva Bonaparte and Venita Aspen with Madison LeCroy.

It never ends.

But what’s the case this week?

Leva thinks Madison is “not over Austen”

In tomorrow’s episode preview of Southern Charm, the girls have dinner together at a luxurious restaurant. While waiting for their food, the conversation between Madison and her ex-boyfriend Austen comes to light. Leva and Venita believe that Madison still has feelings for him.

During the confessionary, Leva explains more about what had happened that night. Speaking to Madison, she tells her that things are “not looking good, to just let it go”.

Leva also believes she is “not over Austen”, adding more fuel to the tension between the girls. During their conversation, it is revealed Madison read the text conversation between Leva and Venita. Yes, that time she spoke badly about her.

The 43-year-old then says that she doesn’t have a problem with Madison, while Venita is left in the middle of the drama between the two. She feels she has to choose between both of her friends.

Madison and Austen’s messy breakup

Madison and Austen met in 2018 thanks to Naomie Olindo. Naomie introduced the two during a night out at a restaurant. Both stars seemed to had hit it off and went on their first trip together to Colorado months later.

Although the couple did not make their relationship official through social networks, their romance lasted until the end of 2018. They then broke up in October, but got back together in December.

The couple decided to separate for the second time in August, only to come back to return in October. A year after showing their relationship during the seventh season of Southern Charm, the couple broke up again in December 2020 – once and for all.

Ever since then, the two have moved on and gotten into other relationships. Madison is currently engaged to Brett Randle. On the other hand, Austen is dating Olivia Flowers.

Leva unfollows the cast after filming

Viewers thought that the trio of Madison, Venita, and Leva got along. In reality, there is a lot of drama behind the scenes. Especially between Madison and Leva.

It was reported by US Magazine Leva had unfollowed most of the cast of Southern Charm following the season eight wrap party, including her closest friend Venita.

Madison, who broke her silence, told the news outlet: “All I can say is my fight with her, unfortunately, didn’t get captured, but it’s still coming.”

Venita added: “I guess you’re going to have to tune in and find out!”

As per the reports, Leva was worn out from the “crazy fun but also heavy season” that is yet to come. Despite the two appearing to have cleared the air, the feud remained a mystery to fans… for now.



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