Season eight of Southern Charm came to a fiery end with a dramatic quarrel between Leva Bonaparte and Craig Conover and the star has since clap backed on social media.

Leva Bonaparte and Naomie Olindo weren’t exactly happy with what went down at Craig’s party. Leva expressed her frustration by badmouthing him with his business team, the Charleston group. An argument between the two led to Leva being kicked out of the party, ending the bombshell episode with a cliffhanger.

On the other hand, it seems Naomie and Craig have some unfinished business, calling the situation “annoying”.

Longtime fans of the series expressed their disappointment with the reality star, though Leva responded in the rhythm of a Beyoncé tune days later after the episode aired.

A dramatic finale to end the season

In the season finale of Southern Charm, Craig organized a Winter Wonderland-themed party. Though he didn’t arrange any seating plans, Leva and Naomie sat separate and away from the main table.

The 43-year-old seemed annoyed. She seemingly crossed the line by beginning to bad-mouth his co-star in front of his business partner, Amanda.

“It’s one thing for there not to be a seating chart, I get it,” Leva said in the confessional.

“But there has to be room for everybody to sit at the table, and so this just feels like tit-for-tat; like, ‘I’ll invite you to my party, but you can’t sit with us.’ It just feels fishy.”

Leva expressed her frustration with the party arrangements. This led to Craig eventually yelling at the reality star, and asking her to leave before she called him a “clown” and claimed his business wasn’t run by him, but by his partner.

Fans are not happy after seeing it all play out

Fans were not happy with Leva’s behavior. Some took to Twitter to express their frustrations with her comments.

They agreed the Southern Charm star crossed the line by talking badly about him with his business colleagues.

Southern Charm’s Leva claps back at Craig’s drama backlash

Days later, Leva took to Instagram to break her silence over the situation. She joked: “It was never about the seating or the past for that matter”.

All glammed up, the reality star used a Beyoncé song as her response, whose lyrics simply said, “We gon’ f*** up the night.”

Leva’s followers began to support her by leaving positive comments under her post. Although others began to criticize her attitude.

A fan commented: “Winning.”

“The people stand with Leva… Always,” another fan wrote.

Another critiqued: “Idk girl I would have kicked you out of my party too if you talked s*** about me to my business partners, at my party.”


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