EXCLUSIVE – Ahead of the release of the new Bravo show Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, we sat down with cast member Bria Fleming, who gave us all the tea on the new series, and what viewers can expect from the new show. Spoiler: It’s going to be good!

The new Bravo show, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard follows a group of 12 friends, who are young Black professionals and entrepreneurs, as they enjoy their island getaway.

Martha’s Vineyard is located in Massachusetts, and according to a Press release, “it was one of the first beach destinations where African Americans could vacation and purchase property.”

Before we get into what Bria had to tell Reality Titbit about the show, check out the official sneak peek before the show drops next week.

Meet Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard star Bria Fleming

Bria Fleming is a stylish, business-savvy entrepreneur with a story to tell and a point to prove. 

She’s responsible for running a global fashion brand and luxury online boutique that curates and sources the finest in clothing and accessories.

The Bravo star also has an adorable sausage dog Milo, who she says is the “best pup ever.”

Whilst giving Reality Titbit a view of her pup on camera, Bria told us she had him since he was 8 weeks old. She called him her “emotional support animal, and says she feels like he’s “a little boy reincarnated into a dog.”

Don’t worry, Bravo fans will also get to meet Milo as he’s set to make his TV debut in the upcoming series along with Bria’s boyfriend Simon.

If you want to get to know Bria before the show starts, you can find her over on Instagram @bria.raven, and on TikTok @briafleming.

Superstar Milo also has his own Instagram page @milosnyc.

The series showcases Black excellence

Of course, Bria gave us the exclusive tea on what we can expect from the show. Simply put the star said: “Parties, relationships, breakups, and drama.”

Speaking on the show and the concept in more depth, Bria said: “I’m glad that the viewers could see young black professionals in this light.”

“There’s going to be new fresh energy which we don’t have at the moment, so to see a show in Martha’s Vineyard, alongside black excellence is very important as well as the history.”

Bria describes the show as: “Nothing we’ve ever seen before” and says it “will bring in a brand new flavor,” teasing that viewers “will go through every emotion possible.”

“You will love it and be hooked, we are addicting, like a drug,” the star says of herself and her castmates, including her best friend Shanice, who is “more like a sister.”

“It’s like Summer House meets Real Housewives in a way,” Fleming concludes.

The crossover we didn’t know we needed, until now!

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is “unscripted” and “all-natural”

Viewers at home may be wondering how ‘real’ the reality TV they’re so hooked on is, and Bria exclusively revealed that Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is “all-natural.”

“When you see us crying, we’re really crying, when you see us upset, we’re really upset. I could express myself in any way I wanted, and it was all real. It was fun to be able to be free and authentic,” the star revealed.

Bria also said there’s no way she’d be able to do anything scripted: “I’m bad at it, I can’t be angry, I’ll start laughing!” she joked.

Filming the show was a great experience for the entrepreneur, who said she’s always wanted to do something like this.

Just like the viewers, Bria has grown up with reality TV, one of her faves being Jersey Shore, seeing as she’s a New Yorker herself.

“I always had a fantasy in the back of my head where I wanted my own show, where I can be me and I finally got that opportunity where I could be me. I feel like I manifested it while watching reality TV,” the star revealed.

Speaking on how her friends and family reacted to the show Bria said: “A lot of my friends are proud, they say ‘You’re on the number one network for reality TV.'”

What is Bria Fleming up to after the show?

The show was filmed around nine months ago, so since filming, Bria has continued to work on her fashion line, House of Louisa Munich, which she is currently in the process of rebranding. She’s set to showcase items on the show, so keep an eye out for her chic style.

The entrepreneur also recently announced the launch of her own cosmetic line Bria Beauty, which will be available for purchase online starting June 12th, 2023.

Of course, we had to ask if a season 2 was on the cards. No news yet, but Bria said she’s ‘manifesting’ it, and we’re sure viewers will be too after they see the first episode on May 7!


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