Shanice Henderson’s ex-boyfriend is an up-and-coming actor in the comedy-drama, Insecure. The Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard star was accused of stalking her ex in a blog which her co-star, Alex, discovered.

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Shanice Henderson’s last relationship is believed to be with an actor going up the ranks. Fans are now doing all they can to get the gossip on what went down in her previous romance…

Shanice Henderson’s ex-boyfriend

Shanice’s ex-boyfriend is actor Norman Towns, who stars in the comedy-drama Insecure. It came out on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard that she was previously dating a rising star, as per Celebs In Depth.

It is believed that Shanice was dating her now-ex in 2021 before they split. Shanice was accused of stalking her ex-boyfriend, as heard on the show, to which she said: “Okay, I did some of the things he mentioned.”

Shanice allegedly called her ex 18 times. A blog by Black Sports Online shared screenshots of Norman’s Instagram story which showed them exchanging text messages, in which he claimed she ordered pizza to his home each day.

Norman Towns is an Insecure actor

Norman Towns is the man who plays Bennett ‘BJ’ in Insecure seasons 4 and 5, joining the cast in 2020. But it was in 2014 when he landed his debut acting role portraying Muhammad Ali in the feature film, I Am Ali.

He starred in the BET original series Games People Play, which aired in 2019. In the same year, Norman appeared in two episodes of HBO’s Insecure as a guest performer before returning for a recurring role in season four.

The actor began writing skits aged 14 and is also known for his appearance on the TV series The Affair. In 2020, Norman became the executive producer of film, The Dunbar Heist, inspired by the Dunbar Armored robbery of 1997.

Summer House’s Alex discovered a blog on Shanice

Alex Tyree claimed that, while Shanice is his type, he is “hesitant of getting to know her because of what he’s heard about her.” He told producers that he has heard and seen things about her, but said it’s not his business.

It has since been discovered that Shanice allegedly stalked her ex, as per a blog Alex was sent. He told Shanice that he wants personal space following the discovery despite originally being attracted to her.

As a result, Shanice said she doesn’t want to talk to him and spoke to her female co-stars. They told her that she should have addressed her issues over what he said at the time rather than bringing it up later.