Fans had a small bit of De Ja Vu following the recent episode of Summer House as Carl Radke introduced us to his ‘new friend’ Mackenzie. Carl has progressed leaps and bound since last summer and has been enjoying exploring his dating life whilst being sober. He was in a relationship with one of his co-stars and housemates, Lindsey Hubbard but is currently single. 

However, during the latest episode, he spoke to Mya Allen about his interest in another woman called Mackenzie, we soon saw a picture of them together and fans recognised her immediately.

You will probably know her from her appearance on season 2 of Love Island USA and now fans want to know more about the reality TV star and her ‘friendship’ with Carl.

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Yaha Waha | BFI Flare 2022 Trailer | BFI

Yaha Waha | BFI Flare 2022 Trailer | BFI
Mackenzie Dipman. Picture: Love Island USA – Exit Interview: Mackenzie Dipman

Meet Mackenzie Dipman

Mackenzie rose to reality stardom from her appearance on Love Island in 2020 for its second season. Though she had some connections, especially with Connor, she ended up leaving the island single and since then she has done a lot, including starting her own business. 

Mackenzie is currently 27 and is from Scottsdale, Arizona, currently living in LA. The star has endured a pretty typical American life and has competed in pageants all her life and has done very well. 

The reality star and model has won Miss Baltimore Teen USA in 2014 as well as Miss Idaho in 2016 and has even mentioned that she has been back at it since leaving Love Island

Mackenzie isn’t just a pretty face though as she has also set up her own business called Out Of His League which is a successful clothing brand. 

Mackenzie is a major animal lover

Aside from style and fashion, one of Mackenzie’s biggest passions in life is animals. The reality star has mentioned that her dog is a rescue dog and she decided to rescue a much older pup as she didn’t want him ending his life alone.

Mackenzie mentioned that when she rescued him, the pair ‘saved each other’s lives’ and he needed her just as much as she needed him – We’re not crying, you are!

Understandably, Mackenzie is a vegetarian and although her connection with animals is amazing she candidly admits her love life isn’t quite the same and describes it as a ‘bad rom-com.’

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What fans think of Carl and Kenzie

Fans didn’t seem too thrilled with Carl’s new ‘relationship’ with the former Love Island contestant and they were quick to make their opinions known on Twitter. Some of the tweets included, 

Carl nooooooo! MacKenzie from #LoveIsland ??? Ugh you can do way better


Carl nooooooo! MacKenzie from #LoveIsland ??? Ugh you can do way better


ohhh so carl was dating Mackenzie. interestingggg 


To keep up to date with the potential new ‘couple’ as well as Carl and the rest of the Summer House journey you’ll have to tune in each week, every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.



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