The Summer House season finale for 2023 is looming following that explosive beef between Carl Radke and Kyle Cooke. It’s actually just weeks away until the season 7 reunion plays out on Bravo screens…

Andy Cohen has already pointed his questions at Summer House cast members following the drama of season 7. Now, there’s just one question left to answer, and that’s fans asking when the reunion for 2023 is airing on Bravo.

Carl quit Kyle and Amanda Batula’s alcohol brand, Loverboy, after the drama that ensured on-screen. We’ll get to see where the former friends stand with each other after Carl and his wife, Lindsay Hubbard, left the house.

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When is the Summer House 2023 reunion?

Summer House’s 2023 season finale airs on Monday, May 29. Part 1 of the reunion was already filmed on April 27 and the official reunion looks have already come out, teasing the exciting drama to ensure on camera.

Part 2 of the reunion is then set to air the following Monday, on June 5. Many fans are hoping that Lindsay calls out her co-stars following the beef as fans eagerly await the reunion trailer, which hasn’t yet dropped.

However, we know what the seating plan is at the Summer House season finale for 2023. Lindsay and Kyle get the closest seats to Andy, while Carl Radke, Gabby Prescod, Kory Keefer, Samantha Feher and Chris Leoni are at one end.

On the right side, Kyle sat next to Amanda Batula, followed by Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller, Paige DeSorbo and Mya Allen at the end. Before the reunion, there is just one more Summer House season 7 episode to air.

Summer House season 7 looks

Most of the Summer House ladies wore long gowns, and the men cleaned up well in an array of suits. Kyle and Carl both went for pastel colors, the latter in a yellow color and Cooke in a light pink suit.

Lindsay dares to impress in a two-piece sparkly silver number, and Paige goes for a one-shoulder pink dress with a flower on one side. Amanda wears a long yellow number and Chris Leoni shines bright in a bright blue tartain suit.

Ciara gets her midriff out as she dons a white crop top and sparkly long skirt, and Danielle wears an ombre yellow and green long-sleeved dress. Gabby Prescod stuns in a dark blue gown while Kory wears a stripy top and cream trousers.

Mya looks colorful in a blue crop top and green cargo trousers, which some fans weren’t a fan of. Sam’s outfit, on the other hand, looks like a Dancing With The Stars shimmering look fit for the dancefloor.

Andy Cohen spills on reunion beef

Andy is seen turning to Lindsay at the reunion on a clip he posted to Instagram. He tells her that a “fifth of a storm already came” before he says, “And it’s all headed in this direction,” turning to the cast member.

Carl has already revealed that he has hopes for the Summer House cast to apologize to Lindsay at the reunion “for blaming her for a lot of things that actually aren’t her fault.” He said he should be to blame for the Loverboy issues.

He told Page Six, “She didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m looking forward to hearing some apology to her for blaming her all the time.” Lindsay added that she wasn’t surprised her cast members “gang[ed] up” on her.

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