Sam from Summer House often faces questions about her sideburns but she finally addressed on TikTok that she’s now growing them out following a beauty mistake she made while attending high school.

As Kory Keefer and Samantha Feher’s romance grows stronger on Summer House, there’s one thing catching Bravo fans’ eyes and that’s her sideburns. Sam has responded to Qs by addressing her body hair over on TikTok.

Sam actually revealed that her sideburns come from being a “hairy Italian” but that she made them worse due to hating having them when she went to high school. We’ve all been there…

Summer House star Sam addresses sideburns

Sam addressed that she made the “worst beauty mistake she’s ever made” when it came to tackling her sideburns. She took to TikTok to reveal she decided she “absolutely hated her sideburns” while at high school and said:

In all fairness, they were like, super long and like, really masculine. I have super fair skin and I’m blonde but my family is pretty Italian. I’m like, 25 percent, and my family is from northern Italy, hence my coloring. But I’m still hairy like an Italian. It’s pretty possible that I deleted all evidence from this time in my life because I hated it so much.

She then added that body hair is “totally normal” but that she hated the way she looked with it. So she did “the worst thing you can possibly do” and shaved her sideburns off to her hairline.

She shaved them at 13 years old

Samantha Feher, who is now age 25, revealed she was 13 years old when she shaved her sideburns off. She felt that, although they were “horrible,” they looked “significantly better” than when they were at their full length.

However, the Summer House star said they were impossible to maintain for the rest of her life. She revealed that there is a “weird growing out stage” where they are still growing two inches long straight down the sides of her head.

She would let them grow back and then shave them off back and forth, revealing that they looked hairy for most of her adult life as a result of shaving them at age 13. In November 2022, she had electrolysis done for the bottom section.

Sam has now begun letting the rest of the sideburn grow in again and has almost grown them enough so that the hair can be tucked behind her ear, which she said is “deeply traumatizing.” She advised fans not to shave their sideburns.

Kory and Sam are now official

In other news, Kory, 32, and Sam are officially a couple. They starred on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in April 2023 where she revealed they are together and that Koryhas always wanted to move to New York.

She admitted that his body was the first thing that attracted her to him and that her relationship has strengthened her friendship with Paige DeSorbo. However, long-distance does pose a challenge for them as he’s in Charlotte.

Sam said: “Long distance is hard. If you have a bad experience with it yourself, I totally understand feeling like it’s never going to work out for anyone ever. But it’s more about the person than the distance. I think I found the right person.” 


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