Danielle Olivera has seemingly confirmed that the Instagram DeuxMoi rumor regarding a Summer House couple was actually true.

An Instagram account called DeuxMoi has gained popularity for sharing unverified rumors online. The self-described “curators of pop culture” shared a claim from an unknown source which sent a form submission to the gossip site.

The DeuxMoi rumor alleged that a Summer House cast member was cheating on their partner. Gossip lovers across the globe have been guessing who the unfaithful partner is ever since.

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DeuxMoi Summer House rumor explored

The blind DeuxMoi submission reads: “Now that this reality show is back on the air, seems like a good time to air some dirty laundry about a certain soon-to-be 40 cast member.” The post then goes on to claim that a married man from Summer House was hooking up with a “friend of a friend.”

The DeuxMoi Instagram page is not a verified info source, as their bio states: “Some statements made on this account have not been independently confirmed. This account does not claim information published is based in fact.”

Danielle Olivera appears to confirms DeuxMoi Summer House rumor is true

During Danielle’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance, the host asked her to spill the tea on whether the DeuxMoi rumor was true. Whilst she nodded, the reality star didn’t offload any details.

However, later on in the After Show, Olivera seemingly confirmed that a popular Summer House couple is no longer together. Her responses to the difficult questions led fans to believe that Oliver Gray had cheated on Mya Allen.

Andy Cohen then talked about the DeuxMoi rumor, stating: “Danielle says she knows the answer, but she is not saying who it is. Gabby and I are very curious. So Gabby, let’s go through the couples.” Co-guest on the show, Gabby Prescod, helped Andy narrow down the couple.

Danielle Olivera ‘sips tea’ at Andy Cohen’s question

After listing Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula and Craig Conover, and Paige DeSorbo. Cohen couldn’t think of any more cast members until he reached his conclusion: “Oh! Wait. Was it Mya and Oliver? Who are now broken up?”

Olivera tried to give nothing away by taking a sip of her cocktail and hitting back with: “Who’s to say?” However, the audience is then heard sounding “Ohhh” in unison. Before one cast member shouts out “sips tea” which sparks a laugh from Danielle.

Andy then asks if he listed all of the couples and if he “got it” to which Danielle confirmed: “Yep.” After having the information prised out of her, Olivera laughs: “Andy, you do this thing where you get the information out of us and it’s…urgh.”

Danielle Olivera could have gotten confused…

However, Danielle admitted that she doesn’t follow DeuxMoi so she didn’t see the initial post. Therefore it is a possibility that the DeuxMoi post actually isn’t about Oliver and Allen after all.

Especially as the submission claims it is about a “married” Summer House star who is touching 40 years old. Fans feel the DeuxMoi post could actually be pointing fingers at Kyle Cooke, especially with the cookie emoji that was included in the blind.

Mya and Oliver’s relationship explored

Allen also confirmed on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that she and Gray broke up in September 2022 after over a year of dating.

Mya Allen told Page Six that it is hard to watch her relationship with her ex-boyfriend play out on Summer House, after the split. She claims that watching it back, there “actually weren’t red flags that were apparent, but they existed.”

She revealed that the split from Oliver wasn’t over “one event” but she grew suspicious of his actions. Explaining that “the more truth” that she learned, the more she wanted to leave.

According to reports, Allen confirmed that Gray was seeing other people while they were dating.



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