Ciara Miller might finally move on from Austen Kroll after being charmed by newcomer Chris Leoni on tonight’s episode of Summer House.

The episode will air on Bravo today, February 27, at 9 pm ET and it can be streamed via Peacock’s website or streaming app.

In the episode, Danielle spills some tea and the shocking confession could be enough to ruin the girls’ party. Not only that, but newcomer Chris Leoni has his head turned by Austen Kroll’s ex-fling.

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Chris and Ciara dating rumors erupt as sparks fly on Summer House

Summer House season 7 episode 3, is titled A Cup of Loyal Tea, and it looks like this week could be the moment all of the drama explodes and the tea certainly gets spilled.

It may also open the door to a new love for Ciara as singleton Chris Leoni has the hots for her. However, Miller is currently attempting to move on from her relationship with Austen Kroll, will Leoni cure her heartache?

Tonight, Leoni shoots his shot with Ciara as he confesses his attraction to the stunning social media personality. As he is the only single male cast member, and Ciara moves into the share house – anything could happen. Aside from Austen, viewers haven’t really seen anyone pursue Ciara in the way Chris is about to, so this could be the start of something new.

The episode has led fans to spark rumors that the duo is now dating, however, neither co-star has confirmed their relationship status. Therefore, we will have to wait and see how the situation rolls out by tuning into Summer House.

Ciara and Austen’s Winter House fling explored

Ciara and Austen’s Winter House fling was pretty turbulent. Some fans donned their relationship pretty “toxic;” who remembers when Kroll purposely made out with Lindsay to make Ciara jealous? Ciara often got upset over his actions and has even asked him to stop being so “self-destructive” in the past.

At the end of the Winter House finale, Austen said he wanted to be friends with Ciara. However, after Austen’s romance with Ciara was officially over, he moved on with Olivia Flowers; the duo has since split up. Could Ciara finally move on with Chris Leoni?

What happens in Summer House season 7 episode 3?

Aside from Chris Leoni having his head turned by the Bravo star. The preview shows Danielle and Gabby bonding over being cheated on by the same man. Danielle went on to reveal that after going to Coachella with this guy in 2016, he went MIA and they never spoke again. However, Gabby revealed that she ended things with the same guy in 2017. It appears the duo dated the same guy in pretty quick succession. In the end, Danielle and Gabby promise to move past the “shady men” once and for all.

We will also see Kyle and Carl finally talk their work-related issues out and settle the argument that they had last week. We also watch Kyle go out following his argument with Danielle. However, it appears the tension is still there as Danielle can be seen on FaceTime with Carl in LA, telling him that she wouldn’t work with Kyle if she was him.

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