The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Sutton Stracke ‘sees Lisa Rinna differently’ after she shared a meme of Paris Hilton on social media, amid their ongoing feud.

Sutton Stracke recently sat down with People to reflect on RHOBH. She spoke of the tension that started to boil between her and Lisa throughout season 12.

Let’s find out why Sutton Stracke sees fellow castmate Lisa Rinna differently…

Sutton Stracke chatting to Garcelle Beauvais in RHOBH highlight
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Sutton Stracke ‘sees Lisa Rinna’ differently amid ongoing feud

Sutton has suggested that whilst The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills season 13 is being put on hold, her fellow cast members are “licking their wounds.”

That’s because the reality star admits: “I think that we had a tough season and it got really, really dark. And so maybe it needed to have a minute so that the sun can come in.”

Sutton also discussed an update on her feud with castmate Lisa Rinna, which was eventually cut out from the season 12 reunion.

Stracke said of their argument: “Lisa made a choice that I did not agree with on social media with Paris Hilton. And it changed the way I see her. However, I’m a forgiving person, so.”

Lisa Rinna shares meme about Paris Hilton

Lisa Rinna faced backlash for reposting a meme about Paris Hilton and her mom Kathy on her Instagram story. The meme spoke about the abuse Paris suffered as a teen. Using Paris’ personal experience as a way of criticizing her mother, Kathy.

Paris Hilton has been open about her horrific experience at a Utah boarding school that her parents sent her to as a child. In the documentary, This Is Paris, she said she was “verbally, mentally, and physically abused on a daily basis.”

According to Buzzfeed, Rinna re-shared a post from another user: “Kathy to Lisa: you’re the biggest bully in Hollywood.” 

The meme continued, “Me to Kathy: you’re the mother that had her daughter kidnapped in the middle of the night which led to her being abused.”

Rinna later admitted during part two of the show’s season 12 reunion that she can sometimes be sporadic and reckless on social media. In fact, Andy Cohen described her social media accounts as “disastrous.”

Hilton and Rinna have meltdown in Aspen

The drama continued when Hilton and Rinna had a confrontation during their Aspen trip. Tension continued to rise as Lisa claimed Kathy made horrible comments about the entire cast after she had a meltdown whilst in a club.

Lisa then locked herself in her bedroom to hide away from Kathy. She later said of Kathy during a confessional: “You can have your tears. You can do what you’re going to do but you did what you did and you’re not going to just gaslight and manipulate me right now.”

During the reunion episodes, Hilton told Rinna that she fights with everybody, referring to her spats with RHOBH alums. Hilton continued: “What you did to my sister, and you drove Lisa Vanderpump off the show? I mean, the list can go on and on.”

Paris and Nicky’s mom also suggested that Rinna was stirring drama to save her role on the show. Kathy stated: “You wanted it on camera because your contract was coming up.”



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