Scheana Shay may be a mom and fiance to Brock Davies on Vanderpump Rules, but her life before was completely different.

She recently dropped the bombshell that she had a movie role on Femme Fatales the movie, known for its raunchiness and explicit nature.

While some Bravo viewers had no idea what the film was about, others were well aware and could not believe Scheana’s movie past.

We dug deep to uncover the explicit history of Scheana Shay and how she jumped from the movie entertainment world to reality TV.

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Scheana Shay was in Femme Fatales

Scheana played Angel Tomlin on three Femme Fatales episodes. The series features an antiheroic woman, cut with “softcore pornographic scenes”. 

One of the romantic thriller episodes was titled ’16 Minutes of Fame’ aired in 2012, and saw Scheana act alongside Gigi Feshold and Joel Rush.

It focuses on a reality show house in which the iconic contestants are being rapidly eliminated from the game, similar to Big Brother.

Scheana as Angel says: “The director was a hack. You should see the movie I did on Lifetime, I played a cheerleader with Tourettes. People wept.”

She then goes to sit on a man’s lap. Ironically, she says: “Isn’t that the point? Us fighting? Reality TV 101.” (Aaaand now she’s on Vanderpump Rules)

The men in the scene talk about making an explicit tape, before Angel is heard screaming and shouting: “Get in here now.”

Scheana’s career as an actress

Scheana is no stranger to the cameras. She began her acting career with guest appearances on television shows GreekJonasVictorious and 90210.

It comes after she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Azusa Pacific University, in 2006.

She began starring on Vanderpump Rules in 2013, but that didn’t mean she was going to ignore her acting career completely.

In 2018, Shay relocated to Las Vegas for several months and starred in a stage show called Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man.

But ever since her on-screen role as Femme Fatales, Scheana has pretty much stuck to reality TV appearances, including on The Real Housewives.

How she got on Vanderpump Rules

Scheana has been starring on the Bravo reality show for eight years.

She joined Vanderpump Rules after appearing on seven episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a year earlier.

The Bravo star had an affair with actor Eddie Cibrian in 2006, while he was married to Brandi Glanville, who was pregnant at the time.

He had told Scheana he was single, which is when they started dating.

Brandi and Scheana’s attempt to move on from the affair was shown on Season 3 of RHOBH, and Seasons 1 and 2 of Vanderpump Rules.

Scheana then began working at SUR, and voila – started her long-running stint on the Bravo show. Several viewers recognised her from RHOBH…



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