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The real reason Vanderpump Rules star Brock Davies has a missing finger

Since Brock’s domestic violence charge came to the surface, he has faced lots of speculation: including what appears to be missing a finger.

When the latest Vanderpump Rules episode on November 2nd aired, including Brock admitting he once slapped his ex, fans were distracted.

This is because Brock appeared to have four fingers on his left hand, leaving Bravo viewers utterly confused about what happened.

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Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Fans notice Brock’s missing fingers

When the latest Vanderpump Rules episode aired on November 2nd, viewers got a close-up of Brock’s left hand.

That’s when several fans realised he only appears to have four fingers, and began questioning what happened to him.

One viewer said: “Omg, Brock really does have 4 fingers on one hand.”

While this reaction suggests that some fans had already noticed the missing finger, the majority had never paid attention to his hand that much before.

Another wrote: “Brock only has 4 fingers on his left hand?!? Why?!?”

The reason for his missing finger

Brock has never gone into full detail about his missing finger, but one source said it was caused by a childhood incident.

This could have been a number of things, from falling over (like most children do) to getting his finger caught in a door.

In his ‘hoops for days’ YouTube video posted in 2017, Brock appears to have four fingers while training, although it is a little blurry.

During his recent interview on WWHL, he appeared to be hiding his hand, which led some fans to think he was embarrassed by his missing finger.

Brock has had four fingers for years

We had a look through Brock’s Instagram to find that he has had four fingers on his left hand since he launched his page.

Since 2018, the Vanderpump Rules star has been posting pictures to social media which clearly show the missing finger.

Despite fans only just noticing that he has a missing finger, the Bravo star does not appear to have tried to hide it on Instagram.

It appears that his index finger is slightly wider than the rest of his fingers, suggesting Brock may have had surgery, as there is no clear gap.



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