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There is more to RHOM’s Frankie Rosello than his accident, meet him here

Alexia Echevarria is one Of The Real Housewives of Miami’s favourite cast members but it’s not only her that we love, we love her family too. Especially her youngest son, Frankie Rosello. 

Frankie was left with learning difficulties after he was involved in a serious accident 10 years ago, but there is much more to the RHOM beloved son. Reality Titbit is here to give you an insight into who Frankie is as well as a recap of what happened to him during that horrific incident.  

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The Great Imposter and Me | Official Trailer | E:60

The Great Imposter and Me | Official Trailer | E:60

Meet Frankie Rosello

Frankie was born on 28 February 1997, in Miami, Florida USA Making him a Pisces. He holds American nationality and his ethnicity is of Cuban descent. He is mainly known for being the son of Alexia Echevarria and is frequently featured throughout the RHOM

Frankie was raised in Miami alongside his older brother Peter Rosello, by their mother Alexia and their stepfather Herman Echevarria; their biological father is Pedro ‘Peggy’ Rosello, to whom Alexia was married from 1992 until 1996.

Speaking of his brother, Frankie is incredibly close to Peter and we can see that in the show. He looks up to him a lot and they share a unique and special bond. 

Frankie Rosello. Picture:
Alexia Echevarria, American Latino

Frankie’s father was a drug dealer

According to The Daily Mail, Frankie’s father, Peter Rosello Sr. was a drug dealer, who worked for ‘The Cocaine Cowboys’, Augusto Falcon and Salvador Magluta, who were both accused of bringing over 75 tons of cocaine into the US from Columbia.

Alexia has since been asked if she knew about this before she started dating Pedro, to which she adamantly said she had no idea. However, it all became clear to her after he was arrested a few days before their planned wedding day, in 1991.

Salvador Magluta paid bail for Pedro and he returned home and married Alexia, but in 1992, their first son was born and Pedro had to serve his five-year jail sentence. He was released after four years, and Alexia became pregnant with Frankie, however, the two divorced shortly after that.

Frankie’s tragic accident 

During the first season, housewife and cast member Alexia Echevarria suffered one of the biggest tragedies to be aired on The Real Housewives franchise in history.

In 2011, her then 13-year-old son, Frankie, was involved in a horrific car accident that changed not only his life but his family and friends too.

Frankie was in the passenger seat of a car when it lost control due to road conditions and rain in the summer of 2011. Following the tragic event, Rosello was in a coma for three months. There were concerns at the time that he might not have made it.

Rosello had suffered severe brain damage from the accident but he stayed strong and fought for his life. Thankfully, he survived and had a smooth recovery.



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