Tom Sandoval’s 2022 Halloween costume has resurfaced on social media amid the ‘Scandoval’ drama and you guessed it, he dressed up as none other than Raquel Leviss.

The party was attended by the Vanderpump Rules cast months before the secret relationship between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss came to light.

We take a closer look into Tom Sandoval’s 2022 Halloween costume.

Tom Sandoval’s 2022 Halloween costume has resurfaced

Tom Sandoval’s Raquel Leviss Halloween costume consisted of him wearing a wig, a black sweatshirt with “TomTom” on the front, a short leather skirt, and sunglasses.

According to TMZ, the pair were allegedly seeing each other for months, meaning they would have been together secretly during this time. Now, Twitter users have gone to compare him to Tristan Thompson.

“Not even third trimester Tristan Thompson would go as his mistress for Halloween,” posted on Twitter user with photos of the pair from the night.

Fans of the show rushed to the comments to share their opinions. One wrote: “This is an elite tweet!! If there was a Twitter award I would nominate you.”

Another tweeted: “I always thought this was random and strange.”

“THE MESS!!!! Omg I need his birthtime,” wrote one fan.

Well, we don’t have Tom’s exact birth time, unfortunately, but for anyone wondering, he’s a Cancer.

The pics are still up on Raquel’s Instagram

The couple hasn’t been active on Instagram since the whole scandal broke out, except to post their two separate statements apologizing for hurting Ariana Madix. It seems that Raquel hasn’t deleted the Halloween videos with Tom either, as they’re still visible on her Instagram highlights.

In the first of the many videos, Raquel can be heard saying: “Look who I ran into, it’s Raquel from BravoCon Day 3. Oh my god. Wow Raquel I can’t believe you would frickin’ wear that sweatshirt.”

The snaps then continue with the pair taking shots together, and Tom mimicking Raquel in a ‘friendly’ manner. Ariana Madix, who has recently been linked to Thomas Middleditch also appears in one of the videos, making a toast to the group.

Speaking about the ‘Tom Tom’ sweatshirt Tom was wearing on her Instagram, Raquel wrote: “Just came here to say that the number one reason I wore this TomTom sweatshirt on Day 3 of BravoCon was for the comfy vibes.

I also wore it to support BOTH of the Toms and encouraged people to stop by their booth to check out the rest of the cute merch. I really enjoy supporting my friends and being comfy at the same time. “

Tom and Raquel address the scandal via Instagram

Tom and Raquel have both taken to their Instagrams to address their affair.

The pair have posted two different statements each, where they apologized to Ariana, and of course, have turned off comments on the post.

Neither Tom nor Raquel has commented on the scandal publically aside from their Instagram posts at the time of writing.

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