Who is Tomas Ribeiro? RHONY pirate makes surprise return in 2020!

Who is Tomas Ribeiro? RHONY pirate makes surprise return in 2020!

To celebrate the 200th episode of The Real Housewives of New York, Andy Cohen hosted a special Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, August 6th.

In this episode, Andy invited the Real Housewives onto the show (virtually) to look back over some of the best moments from RHONY over the years. But Andy also invited a surprise guest which set off the intent: Tomás the Pirate!

If you’re a longterm fans of The Real Housewives of New York, you will definitely have heard of “the pirate” over the years. This is largely down to the infamous fling Luann de Lesseps had with Tomás on a holiday to St. Barths back in RHONY season 5.

But who is Tomás Ribeiro? We’ve done some digging to find out more about the RHONY “pirate” here, plus updates on where Tomás is in 2020.

Screenshot: ‘The Pirate’ Joins Andy Cohen & Luann de Lesseps | WWHL YouTube

Who is Tomas Ribeiro?

We are introduced to Tomás Ribeiro when he was working at Le Ti in St. Barths. Tomás held the role of manger and artist director of the bar, which is owned by Sonja Morgan’s friend Carole Gruson, from 2008 to 2013.

Following Tomás departure from Le Ti, he headed to the Big Apple to study at the New York Film Academy. He was there from 2013 to 2014 and obtained a Bachelor’s in Acting for Film.

Previously, Tomás had studied at the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France.

Tomás has continued his work in hospitality. He is currently living and working in Miami, Florida.

Tomas Ribeiro on RHONY

Tomás, or “the pirate” as he is constantly referred to on the show, was a featured of RHONY season 5.

In episode 6, the Real Housewives took a trip to St. Barths where they headed to Le Ti, the bar Tomás was working at. When they meet Tomás, Sonja claims he was “with” Carole Gruson, however Tomás claimed they had broken up. Not much is known about the reality of the relationship between Carole and Tomás. Flirting between Luann – who was then married to her husband Jacques – and Tomás ensued.

The following day, many of the Real Housewives stars were aware that Luann had brought someone back to the house, and all were convinced it was Tomás. Both Tomás and Luann faced a grilling, but insisted nothing had happened.

What really happened with Tomas the Pirate and Luann?

With the return of Tomás Ribeiro to RHONY, obviously the question of whether he and Luann actually hooked up was raised again. At the time, both denied that anything had happened.

In April 2020, Sonja appeared on WWHL to talk about Luann and Tomás. Despite their protestations, Sonja believes that something “definitely” happened between them. In response to Luann’s claims this most recent season that she “never f***ed the pirate,” Sonja told Andy: “Well there must be another word for ‘f***ing’ then.”

Whether they did or didn’t years ago, now that Luann is single, maybe something really can happen with Tomás!





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