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What is Tyler Cameron's horse picture? Fans react to his WWHL reveal!

Tyler Cameron recently appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, before viewers scrambled to find pics of him on a horse.

The quick search to unravel photos of Tyler on a horse began to take place from July 27th, after his latest Bravo interview appearance.

It comes some time after he appeared on the ABC dating show The Bachelorette, when producers wanted him to go horseback riding.

Although he was scared to do so, he had to ride a horse again with Hannah Brown. Since then, fans cannot stop talking about him on a horse.

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Why are fans searching for Tyler’s horse pic?

  • It was revealed on WWHL that Andy commented on Tyler’s horse pic

Andy Cohen and Tyler Cameron chatted about a comment he left on Tyler’s Instagram picture, which showed him with a horse.

The host left a comment, which read: “This pic is captivating.”

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It led to an entire list of comedy responses, which referred to lots of jokes made by followers about his private parts.

One fan left a comment, which said: “WWHL sent me here. Came for the horse, stayed for the jokes.”

Fans react to Tyler’s horse picture

After Tyler and Andy briefly spoke about a picture he uploaded with a horse, viewers could not help but see what everyone was talking about.

There are now over 90 responses to Andy’s comment on Tyler’s photo, and plenty more on the actual picture.

One Bravo viewer commented with: “came here after #WWHL to see what the hype was about lol.”

Another said: “haha had to come see for myself after your chat on @bravowwhl.”

“watching WWHL u made me go look”, wrote a WWHL viewer.

A commenter said that “there are two horses in this photo”, while another jokily informed Tyler that “we can all see your horse bro”.

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Tyler’s The Bachelorette past with horses

When Tyler was getting to know Hannah Brown on the ABC dating show, he said that his biggest fear would be having to ride a horse for a date.

He was a contestant on the show in 2020, in which he was the runner-up.

As reported by US Magazine, he said:

By the end of the show, I was pretty friendly with the producers. Or at least I thought I was. Because Hannah’s and my final date proved they were out to get me. I had to ride a horse again. I was like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. You guys are setting me up for failure!

Since then, it looks like he has been practising the skill he was so afraid of.

He wrote in a photo caption, where he is standing next to the horse: “We’ve come along way to get to this point as you all know…

“I am now one with the horses thanks to @lord_ward1 and @teddywil.”

He didn’t make any reference in the caption to what fans are now talking about, but that doesn’t mean the picture went amiss by them!



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