Katie Maloney-Schwartz is pretty much the hair Queen of Vanderpump Rules, and is always changing her locks. Fans are actually confused about what her real haircut is, so we done some chopping to discover her natural barnet.

Whether she’s opening up about her past pregnancy story or focusing on husband Tom’s new business venture, her hair tends to take the limelight during Bravo’s Tuesday night scenes.

From sporting long, wavy locks or keeping a short bob on show, we explore all of her haircuts over the years…

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

What is Katie’s real haircut in 2021?

Katie actually has a short bob which comes just under her chin. It was quite a drastic change from her previous long locks, which some even questioned were real (they were!).

Many are loving her sharp cut, which she first debuted to her Instagram followers in April. Several fans told Katie they “love her hair” when she initially went public with the short hair.

Seven months on, and Katie appears to have kept up regular trims of her stylish bob. But when she first got the cut, she asked husband Tom if she “looks bad”, before he described it as a “Karen haircut”.

However later, on November 30, he wrote on Instagram: “Life pro tip: never tell your wife she has a Karen haircut. Jokes aside I love her hair so much it’s [fire].”

Her haircuts over the years

Katie got her long locks cut a lot shorter in February, but wasn’t yet brave enough to get the full chop.

It took her just a couple of months to go for it and get the “Karen haircut”. But it’s not like she hasn’t experimented with varying different hairstyles in the past: others have included a wavy lob cut, and face-framing layers.

Her long hair before going short had a balayage effect, going lighter towards the ends. She regularly wore her hair in a curled style, and sometimes put it in matching plaits.

The Vanderpump Rules star was so famous for her hairstyles that she even done a hair campaign! And once, she sported a unique crimped look for a party on the show.

How to achieve Katie’s hair look

Katie gets her cut and colours done by Lisa, known as @lisasatornhair on Instagram.

In 2015, she also wrote an article on her blog Pucker and Pout, where she shared her hair secrets.

One of her miracle products is Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum, which made her hair grow quickly, and become stronger and healthier.

She revealed:

About a month ago I took my extensions out and was relatively satisfied with my natural hair growth but still hadn’t reached my desired goal yet. My excessively layered haircut from years ago was still adapting to its new length and was still holding me back from having a full length of hair.

Find out Katie’s top hair products that she has been obsessing over here.

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