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What is the 'r word' used by Lexi on Below Deck Med?

Lexi said an ‘R word’ on Below Deck Mediterranean, which has left Bravo fans confused about exactly what she said on camera.

It is the reality TV series which shines a light on yacht careers, as a crew try to provide a five-star service for charter guests on the Lady Michelle.

Lexi Wilson is part of this season’s crew, and has come under fire for using the ‘r word’ towards chef Mathew Shea, as well as calling him an “abortion”.

However, some viewers are unsure what the ‘r word’ actually means, so Reality Titbit has done some sail-searching to find out its meaning.

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Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo

Your First Look at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 | Bravo

What is the ‘r word’ on Below Deck Med?

The ‘r word’ is a pejorative term for mentally disabled people, and is used as a euphemism for the word ‘retard’.

It is also thought to describe someone who is stupid, slow to understand, or ineffective in some way.

The terms “handicapped” (United States) and “disabled” (United Kingdom) replaced words “retard” and “retarded” after the 1960s.

Lexi is thought to have used the ‘r word’ casually on Below Deck Med.

When did Lexi Wilson use the ‘r word’?

Lexi used the ‘r word’ towards chef Mathew Shea during an argument.

She also called her fellow Below Deck Med star an “abortion”, adding that his parents “should have aborted him”.

Before she used the ‘r word’, Mathew had told Lexi she had “bad parents”, following the death of her father before leaving for work.

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Twitter reacts to Lexi using the ‘r word’

All over #BelowDeckMed Twitter, it is clear that most viewers agree both Lexi and Mathew were wrong for what they said to each other.

However, many are angry at Lexi in particular for using the ‘r word’.

One fan said: “I died inside at the casual use of the “r” word. Despicable.”

Others are demanding that Lexi be removed from the boat as a result.

Another wrote: “Captain sandy can’t keep Lexi on the boat! Calling people the R word and then telling the chef he should be aborted?

“Why is the chief stew saying it’s chefs fault?!?! #BelowDeckMed.”



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