Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Where is Gary from? Nationality of Bravo star!

Gary is regularly seen managing the team on Bravo’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Lately, fans have been wondering where he is from…

It is the series which follows the staff sailing the seas as part of their usual everyday job, while they pay a service to several charter guests.

As they travel along the water, there is drama, arguments and sometimes, possible romances brewing onboard the yacht.

Gary makes up one part of the cast members on the Bravo series. So, who is he? And where is he from? We answer all your questions below…

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Who is Gary King?

Gary is a first mate and cast member on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

Having captained smaller boats and run the deck on several busy super yachts, he has accumulated 12 years of experience in the industry.

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Now running a deck team on-board, he is usually stern while working.

However, he is never the first to leave a party when they aren’t on shift.

Gary is also known for being flirty with his colleagues, and got himself into a love triangle after he slept with deckhand Sydney Zaruba.

This is despite showing an interest towards stewardess Alli Dore.

Where is Gary King from?

  • South Africa

Gary was born and raised in South Africa, according to a source who contacted Reality Titbit, before moving to New Zealand.

He then went overseas to Europe for a gap year when he was 18 years old.

He ended up finding work on yachts to make extra cash, and has been travelling the world ever since.

Gary has been to Spain, Greece, Cuba, Italy, New Zealand, and Norway, to name just a few places.

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Below Deck: Gary’s nationality explored

Gary is of South African nationality, where he was born.

According to Instagram, it looks like he may regularly visit South Africa, as his early posts involve several friends asking if he is returning there.

It suggests that he may have a link to South African roots, possibly from his parents, which may be why fans have been wondering where he is from.

A source confirmed this, and said:

His family later immigrated to New Zealand where they still live to this day. He does not have any affiliation to USA or even a US passport. He has a South African passport and a NZ passport. His accent on the show is a very strong South African accent as well.



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