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Where is James Kennedy's mom's accent from on Vanderpump Rules?

James Kennedy sits down for a family dinner – including his mom, who shows support for her son – alongside his fiancee Raquel Leviss.

When he reveals that he argued with Max Vanderpump-Todd, a family member at the table says he causes issues when he is sober and drunk.

His mom instantly has his back, revealing her opinion that nobody is perfect. When she does so, fans may be alarmed at her strong US accent.

James speaks in a British accent, meaning Vanderpump Rules viewers could be completely confused. We found out all about his mom and her roots.

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Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Who is James Kennedy’s mom?

James’ mom is actress Jacqueline Georgiou and former Elite model.

She has starred in several films, including Ray Donovan and Call Me Crazy: A Five Film in 2013, and Instant Mom Boutique Employee in 2015.

Now a reality star, Jacqueline is over a year sober, as well as her son, after they both previously struggled with alcohol.

She married James’ father Andros Georgiou in 1991 – who she has recently divorced from – and now shares three children with him.

They spoke their vows when she was 21 and pregnant with James.

Where is James’ mother from?

Jacqueline is from Brooklyn, and got married to James’ father in Las Vegas.

This explains why she has a strong New York accent, while James has a very British dialogue. This is because he was born in London, England.

Jacqueline reportedly once moved her family to Beverly Hills from England, where she lives now and was initially staying with her sister.

His father is also British, who continues to live in the UK. However, James has since revealed he would never move back to there.

After being born and raised in London, he moved to Ibiza, Spain, when he was 14, and absolutely fell in love with the music scene.

Two years later, he left for America – where he has stayed ever since!

Vanderpump Rules: James’ family

James has two brothers now living in the USA, Harry and Dylan.

He also has a very famous late uncle, namely George Michael, who his father grew up alongside during his childhood.

They toured and performed music together, until falling out in 1998. Although he wasn’t his blood-related uncle, George was James’ godfather.

When James’ parents separated, he revealed the hardest part was worrying about his two younger brothers.

He said:

One of them’s still living with my mom and the other’s off to college, so it was just like, ‘Are my brothers going to be OK?’.

Dylan is still in high school – attending Beverly Hills High – while Harry has finished his degree in San Diego and is hoping to work at SUR like James.



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