Where was Winter House filmed? Bravo location explored
Screenshot: Your First Look at Winter House! New Series Premieres October 20th | Bravo

Where was Winter House filmed? Bravo location explored

Get excited as Bravo is hitting the slopes for some seriously snowy shenanigans!

Bravo has launched a Summer House spin-off called Winter House which will be airing its first-ever episode tonight (October 20th). With stars from Southern Charm and Summer House, the new reality show is set to be a hit.

But where is the reality show based? Reality Titbit explores the scenic location of Winter House.

What is Winter House?

Despite temperatures dropping, the drama will still be as fiery as ever. Summer House spin-off Winter House will be filled with romance, drama and plenty of confrontations as Bravo combine the cast of Summer House and Southern Charm.

The premiere episode sees drunken conflicts and steamy hot tub hookups as everybody except Kyle, Amanda and Craig are single, but everything could change as a bunch of new faces arrive to crash the party causing new drama to unfold.

Where was Winter House filmed?

Unlike Summer House, Winter House has been filmed in an icier setting. In a video shared on the Bravo TV Instagram, we see the cast members dressed as Vikings as they battle the snowy elements with the caption “Winter is Coming.”

The reality show was filmed in Stowe, Vermont and the cast lived in a winter lodge together. The luxury 6,600 square foot home sold for almost $1.2 million in November 2020. It has six bedrooms, 5 ½ bathrooms and sits on a 7.7-acre property.

It boasts nine fireplaces, stunning views of Mount Mansfield, and even a games room in the basement. The property also features a pond which looks to have been used as a hockey and skating rink during filming.

Before moving into the lodge, the cast members had to undergo a two-week quarantine period and multiple rounds of COVID-19 testing due to the pandemic.

When was Winter House filmed?

It was reported that Winter House was filmed in February 2021 and the cast members including Summer House stars Kyle Cook and Amanda Batula stayed in the lodge for a wild seventeen-day vacation.

During filming, the cast spent their time frolicking in the snow and getting to know each other. According to Bravo, “The six-episode series reaches new peaks when this rowdy crew kicks off an epic experience filled with hot tub hookups and snowy shenanigans.”



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