Race has been a common topic seen on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Potomac series since the show first aired four years ago.

Cast member Robyn Dixon has been seen getting into heated discussions with her co-stars, who have pointed the finger at her racial identity while on the show. She has been accused of being “racially obsessed” on RHOP, and she also revealed that people have told her she’s “not black enough” since she was at school.

The big question that fans have relating to Robyn’s race is where her parents are from. So what is the RHOP cast member’s nationality? We looked into her family history and background.

Robyn and Juan Dixon
Screenshot: Robyn and husband Juan Dixon, The Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 3 Episode 6, hayu

What is Robyn Dixon’s nationality?

  • Robyn was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the USA.

The RHOP star has confirmed her parents are both black. Although she hasn’t revealed exactly where they are from, she denies being biracial but says she does not deny having white ancestors in her family.

Robyn then urged people to google ‘one-drop rule’ to understand her background better. The one-drop rule means that any person with one ancestor of black ancestry is considered black.

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Robyn discusses race on The Real Housewives of Potomac

Several arguments between RHOP cast members have surrounded the topic of race. During one discussion between Robyn and co-star Katie Rost, Robyn tells her opinion to camera: “Katie has no business calling me biracial and she knows what we are.” She continued:

There’s nothing wrong with Katie being biracial obviously but to be ignorant to call us that is not necessary.

Katie responded: “Why don’t you look into your own family history? Because you bring it up all the time, it’s stupid, it’s offensive to me that you think that I’m not a black woman.”

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Robyn’s parents and family background

While Robyn was raised in Baltimore, she has previously revealed on the show that she could not trace back to a white ancestor and says that she is not biracial. According to myfamilygenie.com, which looked into Robyn’s family history, they could not find a white ancestor in her tree.

However, some of her ancestors – mostly on her mother’s side – were labelled as ‘mulatto’, which means the person collecting the data either knew or identified them as having some white ancestry.

Robyn shared the below picture of her parents, business owner Gigi Bragg and retired dentist Guy Doc Bragg. Robyn’s father has over 52 years of experience in the medical field, while her mother is a business owner. Gigi is also a former college professor with an MBA from an Ivy League school.



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