Vanderpump Rules returns for another season on Wednesday, February 8, and will bring back some of your favorite faces of the show; including Charli Burnett. Before season 10 premieres let’s find out who Charli Burnett is.

The gang’s old friend is stepping back on the scene after first featuring on Vanderpump Rules during season 8. After all, who else will Katie Maloney lean on for support amid splitting from her husband Tom Schwartz?

Already, the besties have been seen doing some yoga-paddleboarding together as they reset their minds ahead of season 10. Trust us, fans at home may have to do some meditation too before diving into the drama-filled new episodes.

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Who is Charli Burnett?

Charli Burnett was born on February 3, 1997, and recently celebrated her 26th birthday.

From 2015-2017 Burnett was a student at Barstow Community College before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of being a model and actress.

Burnett is a real hustler as not only does she work at SUR but she also works as an esthetician and is an aspiring actress, according to her Bravo bio. Burnett is the mediator this season, whilst she might adopt a “tough love” approach on her besties – that’s definitely what the gossipers need in season 10. Especially as she gets caught in the middle of a fierce feud between her pals in the upcoming season.

Burnett is a former pageant girl, much like cast mate Raquel Leviss. However, now she competes in bikini bodybuilding competitions. This has led the model to share updates with followers over her body transformations.

The Bravo star is always open with her followers and she recently got vulnerable on social media by posting an unedited bikini photo of herself following her weight gain. Burnett revealed she gained over 45 pounds after falling into a “deep depression.” In a season 9 episode, Charli also reportedly opened up about her previous struggles with food during an argument with Lala Kent.

Burnett’s beef with Shay explained

Viewers have seen the beef between Charli Burnett and Scheana Shay escalate over the past couple of seasons. Some have even compared the duo, suggesting that they bare a resemblance. Although, it’s pretty clear that the duo butt heads.

It’s not just for the cameras either. The costars even got into a social media argument after Burnett made a joke about Davies’ failed attempt to hang a TV in her apartment last season.

Whilst watching the show Burnett shared an update with fans: “Update on the TV Brock hung up lmao it literally fell at like 4 am we thought someone was breaking in 😭😭 #PumpRules.”

Shay, defended her now husband replying: “And you knew y’all didn’t have the proper tools or anchors for him to do it that day. He got it up quickly and did all the steps for the vlog. It was never secure.”

Burnett reassured Shay that it was no big deal as she shared: “Oh god scheana it’s a joooookkeee did you sit all night mad about this and we did 😭😭 but legit its funny! Not that deep boo.”



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