Who is Corey Loftus, Charli Burnett's boyfriend on Vanderpump Rules?

Charli Burnett often shares her personal life, such as her relationship with Corey Loftus, on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules. Viewers are wondering who he is, so we had a look through his IG.

During the November 9th episode, Charli randomly introduced her boyfriend Corey, which left fans curious about his background. It comes as many notice she seems to have more air time this season.

As we get to know Charli even more, Reality Titbit found Corey on Instagram and found out all about her new beau. Pics incoming…

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Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Vanderpump Rules | Season 9 First Look Trailer | Bravo

Who is Corey Loftus?

Corey, from Los Angeles, is Charli Burnett’s boyfriend. He works as an eCommerce strategist and digital marketing consultant.

He worked for Powerdot Inc until September, based in the Greater San Diego area, but has not listed his current job role on LinkedIn.

The artsy partner of Charli’s has previously worked on an app launch with TALQ and for BUNCH magazine as an advertising manager.

Charli revealed that Corey actually hangs out with the Vanderpump Rules cast more than she does, as she has less time due to working at SUR.

Corey Loftus and Charli Burnett

Corey and Charli have been in a relationship for at least four years. Their first picture on Instagram together was back in June 2017.

During the November 9th episode, Charli revealed that she will be moving into a new place with Corey. Although she already lives with him, they are taking steps to get a completely fresh home as a couple.

She once joked that she’s “dating a playboy”, as Corey has lived in his home for a while and may have romanced other ladies there before her.

For Halloween, the couple dressed up as Fred and Velma in 2020 and Ricky and Carley Bobby from Talladega Nights this year!

We are only set to see Corey in a few snippets of Vanderpump Rules this year, but since his first appearance, fans have fallen in love with him.

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Meet Charli’s beau on Instagram

Corey is clearly passionate about fashion, and is always sporting a funky outfit look on his IG page – or is suited and booted with Charli!

From boxing to hanging out with friends and family, he seems like an all-rounded guy who appreciates good times.

The party animal, whose chest, stomach and arms are covered in tattoos, is either in a bar, chilling with his dog, or going out with Charli.

He seems to be a water lover and is often taking a stroll on the beach or enjoying scenic views. Corey also loves classic cars, as he has shared several pictures of them across his Instagram.



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