Charli Burnett’s boyfriend steals the spotlight on Vanderpump Rules and ahead of season 10 fans want to know more about who Corey Loftus is.

The Vanderpump Rules cast member first introduced her boyfriend, Corey, during Season 9 on the November 9, 2021 episode. Devoted viewers will remember the iconic scene when the SURver spoke to Loftus on the phone with Buffy the mannequin head next to her. From there, fans fell in love with the duo’s fun-loving relationship.

Corey appeared in the last season of Vanderpump Rules and since his first appearance, fans have become obsessed with him.

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Who is Charli Burnett’s boyfriend?

Charli Burnett’s boyfriend is Corey Loftus. Corey is from Los Angeles but is currently based in the greater San Diego area.

Corey is an eCommerce strategist and digital marketing consultant who worked for a company called Powerdot for three years until leaving in September 2021. He has previously worked on an app launch with TALQ and for BUNCH magazine as an advertising manager. However, he has not listed his current job role on LinkedIn, so it appears Corey may have a full-time position on Vanderpump Rules season 10.

Corey and Charli are always together, meaning he has become good friends with the Vanderpump cast. Aside from filming the Bravo show, Charli has shared her commitment to bodybuilding competitions on social media. The Vanderpump Rules star previously opened up about her negative relationship with food, in season 9. She revealed that her boyfriend Corey has been crucial in helping her overcome her struggles and get to a better place.

Charli and Corey’s Instagram explored

Charli recently shared a tribute to Corey on an Instagram post for their anniversary. This gave followers an insight into their relationship and confirms that the couple is still going strong together. The duo has snaps on Instagram together dating back to 2017 which means they have been together for at least five years.

This isn’t the first time Charli has shared her man on social media. On her birthday last year, April 28, 2022, she shared a snap of the couple on Twitter. The photo was of Charli and Corey on a romantic getaway, as they stood in front of a dirt buggy, she kissed him on the cheek. Fans immediately flocked to the comments to share their love for the duo including best friend and co-star Ariana Madix, who wrote, “Miss you cuties.”

Charli often confides in Ariana and during season 9 she was the first person she told that she going to be moving in with Corey. Burnett explained: “We have a place. I know that I’ve been living with Corey, but it’s different when we’re getting a place together.”

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