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Who is Heather from Below Deck's boyfriend? Relationship explored

Heather Chase recently came into the public eye as Below Deck’s new chief stew. Fans are wondering who her boyfriend is on the outside.

She is usually busy telling stews what to do and accommodating charter guests with a five-star service, but Heather also has a personal life.

That includes her boyfriend Kegan, who she doesn’t talk often about, and viewers are now wondering what her relationship is like.

We got to know who Heather’s boyfriend is, how long they have been together, and explored what he does for a living…

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Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Who is Heather Chase’s boyfriend?

Heather is in a relationship with a guy called Kegan Tyler Emms.

Looking at her Instagram, they enjoy doing yoga together, while the Below Deck star calls him “one of her two loves” (the other being yoga).

They actually met during her profession as a stewardess! He has reportedly served the same crew as Heather several times.

Recently, she has been working on My Seanna without Kegan, where fans claim she makes co-star Frazier do all of the jobs.

Below Deck: Heather’s relationship

Heather and Kegan have been posting loved-up pictures since 2017, and have been together for over four years.

They went Facebook official on January 9 that year! Heather herself commented on the status with: “IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!”.

In 2018, the couple were pictured on a 32 ft Intrepid back to America. She said she was “ready to swoop him up from South Africa”.

They must have a long-distance relationship, as she has said she is “missing him like crazy” in an Instagram caption – plus, she works on a yacht!

The couple have done lots of travelling together, including exploring the Golden Gate Bridge and watching the sunset from a boat.

Meet Kegan Tyler Emms

Kegan, from South Africa, is religious and enjoys spirituality with Heather.

From Ugie, Eastern Cape, South Africa, he went to Queen’s College Boys’ High School growing up.

His bio reads: “#GodIsLove. For his loving kindness endures forever.

“Proverbs 15:15 “A cheerful heart has a continual feast.” Mathew 6:33.”

Based in Monte Carlo, Kegan’s Twitter states the quote: “Listen, smile, agree. And do what ever the f*** you were gonna do any way.”

He sometimes returns home to work on a farm with his parents.



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