Twitter went mad with laughter – and confusion – after Kathy Hilton asked who ‘Hunky Dory’ is during the latest RHOBH episode.

The comment came while Sutton Stracke was getting emotional about her issues with Crystal, revealing that she knows she needs to move on.

It wasn’t long before fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were screaming, as Kathy thought someone called ‘Hunky Dory’ had upset her.

The whole commotion led fans to question whether ‘Hunky Dory’ is actually a person, as well as a whole load of fresh memes to be created.

‘Who is Hunky Dory?’: Here’s what happened

Following issues with Crystal, several members of the cast gathered around Sutton who began getting upset about their argument.

She told her co-stars:

I know that I need to move on and I will, but it’s hard for me to sit there and pretend like everything’s great and hunky dory, when it’s not.

Then, with genuine concern, Kathy said: “Who is Hunky Dory?”, who later asked in a confessional whether it is a nickname for someone.

The rest of the crew went silent following her comment.

Who is Hunky Dory?

It actually means that things are fine, and going well. Sutton was explaining that she cannot pretend as though the situation is “hunky dory”.

However, it looks like Kathy was genuinely worried that someone called Hunky Dory had upset Sutton, and thought it was a nickname.

This moment was described as “iconic” by viewers, although some thought that Kathy was just “playing dumb” during the scene.

Twitter reacts to ‘who is Hunky Dory’

Looking through Twitter, RHOBH fans just could not stop laughing about Kathy’s question, with many claiming it was their favourite part of the ep.

One fan wrote: “Kathy asked “who is hunky dory” in the middle of that fight and everyone just ignored her. How?? Because I’m still over here hollering.”

Another said: “Who’s Hunky Dory. MY GOD where has @KathyHilton been all my LIFE!!!! Now i know why Paris is this ICONIC #RHOBH.”

“omg the scream i let out when Kathy said “who is hunky dory?” with such sincerity!!!! #RHOBH“, wrote another viewer.

The majority of fans have declared that she can never leave the show, with her comment appearing to move her up the ranks of popularity.



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