Who is Jake Foulger's fiance and what happened with Rayna and Fraser?

New deckhand Jake Foulger has ramped up Below Deck by kissing two co-stars – Rayna and Fraser – while engaged. So who is his fiance?

A recent episode of the Bravo show has revealed that Jake has a ring on it, leaving his yacht friends completely confused about his relationship status.

It comes after he shared a three-way kiss with Rayna Lindsey and Fraser Olender during a drunken night, before she tells Wes O’Dell Jake is engaged.

Confused? Yep, so are we. Reality Titbit found out all about Jake’s fiance, and what exactly went down with him, Rayna and Fraser.

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Below Deck | Season 9 First Look | Bravo

Rayna reveals Jake is engaged

Below Deck has been capturing the fallout after Rayna told Wes that Jake is engaged, which led to him getting annoyed at her for sharing his business.

She then reminded him that he has been kissing her, before he revealed the actual details about his fiance and their relationship.

Rayna, who is also thought to have a partner at home, then demanded to find out how him and his fiance even got engaged in the first place.

Who is Jake Foulger’s fiance?

Jake’s fiance is called Paris, who he claims is not his girlfriend.

Revealing he is “not monogamous”, he went on to reveal that Paris is just his mate who “needs a British passport”, suggesting why they got engaged.

He said he really cares about Paris, and vice versa, but added that they are nowhere near ready for marriage.

Jake continued:

She understands what I’m like, and knows I am going to be doing all this crazy s**t. I just feel like you gotta spread all the love. All the love, baby.

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Rayna and Fraser: What happened?

Jake, Rayna, and Fraser were pretty drunk and all had a three-way kiss in the hot tub. It’s not the first time Jake has made out with Rayna!

He kissed her earlier in the season, during a drunken night, which Rayna instantly regretted the following day.

It seems the door is shut for Jake and Rayna, but Fraser hinted at a potential future for him and the lead deckhand. As per Cinema Blend, he said:

I don’t want to spoil anything and give too much away. But things start to happen onboard. It sort of begins to create a really interesting and fun storyline through the rest of the season. At the moment, we’re just getting to know each other and being extremely flirtatious.



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