With all the ‘Scandoval’ drama going on over the last month, Vanderpump Rules fans may have forgotten the Coachella drama, but it has now been revealed that the man Raquel Leviss was seen kissing is allegedly Joey Lennon, so, of course, we found his girlfriend and Instagram.

The revelation was made in the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules when Tom Schwartz introduced Joey to viewers and said it was like ‘looking in a mirror.’ A few months ago, this probably would have been one of the highlights of the season, to finally have Coachella man ‘revealed’. However, after everything that’s gone down and the Vanderpump Rules midseason trailer, we’ve got a whole load of even more dramatic moments ahead of us.

We take a look at Joey Lennon and his Instagram, as the ‘mystery Coachella man’ has been revealed by Schwartz.

Who is Joey Lennon?

Joey Lennon is a friend of Brock Davies, and was introduced to Vanderpump Rules fans in the latest episode. Lennon joined the cast for a pool party at Tom and Ariana’s home before news of the affair had broken.

Joey can be found on Instagram @joeys_journey_x and at the time of writing has 16.2k followers. We’re sure that’s set to go up now!

He’s shared a photo dump of his time at Coachella on his page, including a photo of him and Raquel with their arms around each other.

At the time of writing, Raquel Leviss has not confirmed who she kissed at Coachella, and some fans still aren’t convinced Schwartz is telling the truth. Whatever the truth, we know Joey was at Coachella with Raquel when the drama went down.

However, if true, it seems like he and Raquel Leviss won’t be taking their relationship past a quick smooch as Lennon has a girlfriend, Scarlett, who actually stars in Below Deck. It seems like Joey likes his Bravo girls!

In a picture of the pair from 15 weeks ago, Raquel commented with fire emojis.

As per his Instagram, Joey works in the fitness industry, at Air Locker Training, a high-altitude training studio.

Who is Joey Lennon’s girlfriend Scarlett Bentley?

Scarlett Bently was featured on Below Deck’s spin-off series, Sailing Yacht season 3, which took place along the coast of Spain.

She hails from Arkansas and discovered her love of sailing while in Southern California and ditched her marketing background for the sea. Her Below Deck venture saw her build a romantic connection with co-star Gary, but it looks like it wasn’t meant to be.

Now, it looks like Scarlett has gone back into marketing as her Instagram bio states she’s the founder of the marketing agency, SoCal SoCial.

Tom Schwartz denied kissing Raquel Leviss at Coachella

In April 2022, almost a year before the ‘Scandoval’ drama broke out, it seems that Schwartz was in the midst of drama. Rumors started to spread that he was seen kissing Leviss shortly after his breakup with Katie Maloney.

Schwartz took to the social media site to claim he wasn’t even at the festival, however, cut forward a few months and he was in fact kissing Leviss.

Theories are now going around the internet that Leviss and Schwartz’s dating was a ‘cover-up’ for her and Tom Sandoval, and Schwartz was seeing Jo Wenberg the whole time. However, none of these theories have been proven or commented on, so we guess we’ll just have to wait until the reunion for the answers we’ve been dying to hear.

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